Past São Paulo Event: VOL 12

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Banco Pérola

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 20, 2013

Alessandra França explains the basis of the 2009 project "Banco Pérola," which offered microcredit to young people with the goal of eradicating poverty via credit concession. 


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Community Crime Prevention

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 20, 2013

Ricardo Maluf explains the feedback from "B.O. Coletivo," a collective project based on the community input of incident reports. For example, users can point out where they got robbed on a city map and alert other users of recurring crimes in the area. The buzz created by the project was so significant that it caught the attention of politicians and major news platforms.


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Looking Back

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 20, 2013

Cesar Cardoso revisits his past in this touching presentation: overlaying the story of his parents' lives and his work as an IT professional, he explains how he eventually stumbled upon social activism and began to help build houses in extremely poor regions. 

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Satirical Street Art

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 20, 2013

RUA can be viewed as a satirical street art collective. They aim to call attention to urgent matters like infrastructure needs. Their political stand was visible in São Paulo during the protests of June 2013, as their poster "Uma Cidade Muda Não Muda" (roughly translated as "A Mute City Doesn't Change") became the front-piece of the movement. 

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