Past Baltimore, MD Event: VOL 1

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October 24, 2013
@ Midtown BBQ and Brew

Join us for the inaugural PechaKucha Night Baltimore on Thursday, October 24th!  If you are interested in presenting or just have questions, please contact us.

Come early to enjoy the excellent food and libations at the restaurant/bar!

We will kick things off promptly at 7pm, so, even if you don't come for dinner, please come a bit early to find parking and be ready to get going.

(Parking meters along the street are NOT in effect in the evenings.  BE SURE TO CHECK the meter you park closest-to for exact timing.)

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Insights from a Higher Perspective

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

Whereas most people became weary of airplanes after September 11th, Bill Fox decided to take up his childhood dream of flying. He became a pilot and then flew over a volcano. While flying over the volcano he learned that living life to the fullest is a lot like being a volcano.

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Myths of Productivity

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

People nowadays are obsessed with being busy, but are they really being productive with their time? Jabe Bloom teaches us how to use methods like scaffolding and timeboxing to help us be more efficient with our time.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 23, 2013.

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Mentored through Martial Arts

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

John Starling is the founder of free MMA dojo in Baltimore, Maryland. At this dojo the teachers are volunteers and the kids pay their tuition by doing community service in their communities. They not only teach martial arts, but also provide mentoring and life coaching. The results have been astounding.

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Restorying: Cultivating Personal, Cultural, and Planetary Stories for a New Era

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

Julie Gabrielli, realizing that the world's big problems are still not being solved, created a movement called Restorying. During Restorying Retreats, members undertake creative activities such as having conversations with trees. This structure allows them to discover their why and allows the world's new and important stories to surface.

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How Much Did Your Ultrasound Cost?

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

How much did your medical procedure cost? How much should it have cost? Where is the for doctors? In this presentation Sagar Sawant shows us just how much the cost for procedures can vary. A hip replacement surgery in Ada, Oklahoma will cost $5,300 while the same procedure in California will cost $223,000. Sagar hopes to help make people more knowledgable about their choices so that medical costs will go down and care quality will go up.

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Carefrontation: The Gift of Critical Feedback

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

Sheila Cox confronts us on the topic of confrontation. Why are we afraid of it? Is it better to wait? Do I care enough to say something?

There are three keys to carefrontation:

  1. It has to be about them
  2. It has to be timely
  3. It has to be straightforward, succinct, and clear
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Heal Me

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

Zackary Berger, a doctor, talks about the most important thing that can be done to improve our healthcare system. That is, to communicate and build better doctor-patient relationships. Zackary presents five reasons why.

Sidas Saulynas
Stevenson University in Baltimore
Hillel Glazer
Enterprise Agile Coach, LeadingAgile, LLC in Baltimore
Bill Fox
in Northern Virginia
Jabe Bloom
CTO in Shepherdstown
Sheila Cox
Change Navigator, Performance Horizons in Baltimore, MD
Zackary Berger
Doctor, writer, researcher, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore
Julie Gabrielli
Architect and writer, Self in Baltimore