Past Garrison Event: VOL 7

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August 28, 2014
@ The Garrison

Jan Johnsen - "Heaven is a Garden"

Mariel Fiori - "Ten Years of La Voz"

Kelley Amadei - "You and Your Bad Habits: Why It's not all Your Fault"

Lauren Keyson - "What's Inside the Minds of Disruptive Techologists in New York City"

Zak Niazi - "Immersive Imaging"

Lynn Rogoff - "Amerikids is family fun, connecting worldwide, while saving our planet's endangered animals"

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Heaven is a Garden

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

In "Heaven is a Garden" From PechaKucha Night Garrison Vol. 7, Jan Johnsen tells us all about her love for beautiful gardens. She states that being in nature enhances our well-being, and encourages everyone to transform their yards into places of serenity. Jan emphasizes the importance of finding one’s niche within these delightful, natural spaces. 

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You and Your Bad Habits: Why it's not all Your Fault

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

Kelley Amadei (SparkShift) has lots of bad habits. Habit is a word we toss around, but habits, as she says, are very personal. Here Kelley speaks about the research she has done to understand why our brains are constantly seeking the satisfaction of bad habits.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 11, 2014.

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What's Inside the Minds of Disruptive Technologists in New York City

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

Lauren Keyson discusses the thoughts of the most brilliant thinkers coming out of New York City. Here she profiles numerous entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. From electric car creators to crypto-currency developers, the list is full of fascinating technological innovations.

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Educating our Children for the Future

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

Lynn Rogoff discusses the oncoming 6th major extinction on the planet. She states that plant and animal species are becoming extinct at a catastrophic rate, and that it is entirely thanks to the growing human population. She speaks about the necessity for biodiversity, and how her organisation Amerikids is teaching children about the planet’s needs.

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Ten Years of La Voz

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

Mariel Fiori tells us some stories from the past 10 years of La Voz magazine, a publication that profiles Latinos. She speaks about the diversity found in the hispanic culture, and her goals to empower readers of La Voz with information.

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Immersive Imaging

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

Zak Niazi speaks about constant changing technology, and how cameras have more or less stayed the same. He speaks about new methods of immersing the viewer in the image, rather than just limiting our photographic media to a simple, two-dimensional rectangle. Zak believes in a future where we will be able to share our experiences, rather than just our snapshots.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 22, 2014.

Kelley Amadei
Leadership and Change Expert, SparkShift in Garrison