Past AIA Event: AIA 2013 Convention (June 20)

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AIA 2013 Convention (June 20)

June 20, 2013
@ Colorado Convention Center

Continuing the great relationship between PechaKucha and the American Institute of Architects (AIA), PechaKucha makes a special appearance at the 2013 AIA Conference in Denver this week. With over 10,000 architects in attendance over the four days of the event, we hope to see many PK alumni, organizers, participants and fans from around the world. PechaKucha presentations will occur in the ARCHITECT Live town square on the Expo floor on Thursday and Friday, and feature an array of architects representing AIA membership - from students to Fellows of the Institute.  Mickey Jacob, 2013 President of the AIA will kick off the 400 second long proceedings on Thursday at 10:55am.

9 presentations over two days will celebrate the diversity and range of AIA architect members, including students, and concluding with two of the winners of the 2013 Young Architect Award - PechaKucha Chicago alumni Katherine Darnstadt AIA (check her previous presentations here and here) and Thomas Hussey AIA (an urban planner at Skidmore Owings & Merrill).

Thursday, June 20

  • 10:55 Mickey Jacob, FAIA
  • 11:10 Jeff M. Yrazabal, AIA
  • 11:50 Peter Exley, FAIA
  • 13:35 Thomas Trenolone, AIA

Friday, June 21

  • 10:45 Ryan Gann, AIAS
  • 10:55 Karen Williams, AIA
  • 13:50 Ross Chapin, FAIA
  • 15:40 Katherine Darnstadt, AIA
  • 15:50 Thomas Hussey, AIA
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My Trusty Sketchbook

@ AIA 2013 CONVENTION (JUNE 20) ON JUN 20, 2013

Peter Exley speaks about the art and stories flowing out of his lively sketchbook. He travels all across Italy with his family, skteching the arcitecture and capturing the culture in his book.

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Speed, Sex, Firepower

@ AIA 2013 CONVENTION (JUNE 20) ON JUN 20, 2013

Thomas Trenolone speaks about how the modern car, fashion, and architeural industry is keeping up with todays fast-growing society. He explains the use of speed, sex, and firepower in maintaining growth and stability in today's companies. He also promotes his new non-profit organization, design alliance OMAha.

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Story of My Homeland

@ AIA 2013 CONVENTION (JUNE 20) ON JUN 20, 2013

Jeff Yrazabal conveys his architectural experiences and inspiration through the structures and people of his homeland. By exploring the story of his homeland, he is able to gain insight to bettering his career and architecture firm.