Past Stockholm Event: VOL 40

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VOL 40

June 13, 2013
@ Berns Night Club

Our fortieth PechaKucha in Stockholm. Will we buy a Porsche? Dye our hair? Get some 'work' done? Get tipsy and sob in a corner about our past loves? Jack in our day job? Get some saucy dancers in? Or maybe a sublime combination of all of the above?
Whatever happens you can be assured that we'll celebrate in style with some of the finest presentors this wonderous city has to offer.

Doors 19.30, first presenter on stage at 20.20 and plenty of japes to be had by all. See you there.

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Brewing Koltur

@ VOL 40 ON JUN 13, 2013

Daniel Norlindh & Peter Lincoln of Brewing Koltur give us some insight into the growing craft-brewing scene here in Sweden and beyond. These two charismatic characters ooze both knowledge and passion for the brewing of short run beers and ales. Sweden's craft brewing scene is a vibrant new addition to a land dominated by a state-run alcohol system that sees Swedes governed by a restrictive 'home drinking' situation. Brewing Koltur will leave you with an appetite to go out and try different ales and treat them with a higher level of respect.

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Found Objects and a Desk

@ VOL 40 ON JUN 13, 2013

Frida Ersson is a recently-graduated student from Malmsten's college - one of the finest schools of cabinetmaking in the world. Her projects have entailed a fair degree of traveling, which serves as a way of lifitng inspiration for her work. Each trip taken would result in a plethora of found objects that would later see themselves incorporated into her final project; a glorious investment of time to create a stunning piece of craftsmanship - her desk. (in Swedish)


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@ VOL 40 ON JUN 13, 2013

Hannah Gustavsson is a young illustrator and graphic novelist who presents her degree project from the Konstfack school of arts and design. In her soft-spoken, emotionally loaded presentation she speaks of her central character; one who faces teenage problems of sexuality, fitting in, school, identity, family life and social classes. Undisputed in her talent as an artist, what surprised everyone was the intellect of the narrative of Nattbarn (Night Child), a story to which we can all relate to some degree. (in Swedish)

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The Wax Cookbook

@ VOL 40 ON JUN 13, 2013

Karin Sandin is a graduate of Malmstens. Rather than focus on a piece of furniture as her final project, she investigated furniture wax; making a cookbook for those keen to make their own wax at home from everyday ingredients. Her work takes the form of a beautifully illustrated 'cookbook' illustrating not only the processes involved in this humble substance but displaying the ingredients in a series of attractive tableaus. (in Swedish)

Hannah Gustavsson
in Stockholm
Karin Sandin
in Stockholm