Past Tokyo Event: VOL 104

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To Feel at Home

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Roshi Givechi gives us a peek into her life, from childhood to recent events, and tells us how they influenced what she thinks of as 'home'. Her story shows that it's the small rituals and everyday moments that combine to create a sense of home, no matter where you are. 

"Presentation of the Day" on June 28, 2013.

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Creating Memories For The Future

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Anselm Dästner describes his passion for scrapbooking and the impact it will have on the future. Anselm presents to us not only his own scrapbooks, but how he helps other families save memories for the future in innovative ways.

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SuperDeluxe for June 2013

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Ryu Konno of SuperDeluxe does his monthly round-up of events that were held recently at the event space that always plays home to PechaKucha Nights in Tokyo, and covers what's coming up. (in Japanese)

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Anastomosis: the Connected City

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Project [anastomosis] presents a different view on the functioning of contemporary city and solution of its problems. Dominik Saitl explains that the city is understood as a closed structure with "frozen evolution". Its further developement can't be done by rebuilding the city but by its adaptation. To start this healing process it is necessary to activate small but important connections.

 "Presentation of the Day" on July 5, 2013.

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Overcoming Heights In Life

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Marc-Alexandre Cartiant creates an analogy between his experiences climbing Mt. Fuji and learning Japanese. Both require the right equipment, require extreme amounts of patience, and both progressively allow you discover the beauty of the landscape.

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In The Cut

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Nayokenza Oliver energetically takes us on a tour of some of his favourite low-key hang out spots or "cuts" as he has dubbed them. He does this with the hopes of inspiring other people how to have fun in Tokyo without spending all of their money.

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Pondering Identity

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Neena Mancuso discusses identity, and shows how our character seems to change according to circumstance. Using personal examples, she focuses on how people and language affects how we act and how we are perceived. She realizes that it isn't necessary to concretely define who we are -- it's more important to just be who we are.

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Designing to the Crowd

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Using his experiences in Vietnam and his impressions upon moving back to Tokyo, Austin Klemmer addressed some of the fundamental issues facing designers and architects in developing countries, and the way these problems shed light on design/architecture in Tokyo. Austin offers some theoretical solutions, and gets the audience thinking about design from a different perspective. (in Japanese)


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9 Months, 16000 km, Countless Friends

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Tenji Takakura travelled from the UK, across Asia, to Japan (a 16,000km journey in total!) all on the two wheels of his bicycle. His journey took a full 9 months, he met peoples of all sorts, and came away from the experience believing in the goodness of all human beings. (in Japanese)


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Little Miracles of Portugal

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Graphic designer Tomoko Yasumori has spent a considerable amount of time in Portugual seeking unique spaces and experiences. She spent 8 years collecting, and finally published her book of little secrets in spring 2013. Check out her books here. (in Japanese)

Ryu Konno
SuperDeluxe in Tokyo
Nayokenza Oliver
musician in Tokyo
Tenji Takakura
TV Director in Tokyo
Neena Mancuso
Being me in Tokyo
Anselm Dästner
Graphic Designer, Ansikun in New York / Tokyo
Marc-Alexandre Cartiant
Entrepreneur in Tokyo
Dominik Saitl
architecture student in Tokyo
Tomoko Yasumori
Photographer & Graphic designer in Tokyo
Austin Klemmer
Pseudo-Intellectual in Tokyo
Roshi Givechi
Design Director, Asia Pacific, IDEO