Past Ho Chi Minh City Event: VOL 3

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Contained Stories

@ VOL 3 ON MAY 16, 2013

Nikki Bisenieks received her first camera at age 7; since then, photography has been her medium of choice to capture the stories happening around her. Here she gives us a short survey of her photography, including her choice of subjects and preference for film. 

Stacia Maiorani
Teacher-Librarian in Milan
Rachael Carson
Fashion4Freedom in HCMC
Kevin Weingarten
in Ho Chi Minh City
Lindsay Erdman
in Ho Chi Minh City
Nikki Bisenieks
Photographer in Ho Chi Minh City
Dan Van Engelen
in Ho Chi Minh City
Elizabeth Hunt-Lucarini
Teacher/Counselor in Ho Chi Minh City