Past New Westminster Event: VOL 2

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What Makes a Great City

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Jonathan X. Côté discusses the elements needed to make a city truly great. He states that Great Cities are not necessarily the biggest or most perfect places. However, a mix of certain aspects can turn a city into a fantastic place to live, and Côté shares with us just what it takes to create a great one.

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The Stories of Rocks

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Geologist Patrick Johnstone shares with us his passion; rocks. Studying trace fossils, Johnstone can infer the behavior and the enviornments of ancient species, and uses that knowledge gather more information. Using tools and evidence developed by science over the years, he can tell the stories of the rocks that he studies. 

"Presentation of the Day" on July 2, 2013.

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Jane's Walks

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

The outspoken Mary Wilson tells us about Jane's Walks, urban treks that encourage walking in cities as well as bring attention to pedestrian rights. Wilson tells us a bit about the history and purpose of these fun, engaging ways to explore cities.

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Only in New Westminster

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Professional Chef Todd Bright recounts some of his favorite experiences cooking in the lower mainland area. With sustainability initiatives, cooking competitions, and other community events, the area has become one of Bright's favorite places. 

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Critter Catching, Then and Now

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Joe Franco talks about his childhood, interacting with bugs and catching snakes and frogs, and how the influence of the natural world prompted him to start his own bee and wasp removal service as an adult. He also expands upon the differences between bees and wasps, and shares a bit about how his company, Joe Wasp Nest Removal Services, works to humanely and sustainably relocate bees and wasps. 

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The Small Business Symbiosis

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Lindsay Ferguson tells us about her experience as a small business owner, working with local farmers, utilizing sustainable initiatives within her community, and banding together with other businesses to form mutually beneficial relationships. 

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Canada's Pastime: Road Hockey

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Mario Bartel speaks about his life-long relationship with road hockey. His unofficial local league, made up of various members of the community, plays from October to May, in any weather. He shares how, over the years, various traditions have sprung up around the games, and as a sports reporter, Bartel has covered them all. 

"Presentation of the Day" on July 11, 2013.

Mario Bartel
Storyteller | Photographer | Communicator in New Westminster
Patrick Johnstone
Environmental Geoscientist & Coordinator in New Westminster
Mary Wilson
in New Westminster
Julia Smith
Urban Farmer, Urban Digs Farm in New Westminster
Kevin McConnell
Territory Rep, Salt Spring Coffee in New Westminster
Todd Bright
Executive Chef, Wild Rice in New Westminster
Joe Franco
Owner, Joe Wasp Nest Removal Services in New Westminster
Douglas Smith
Executive Director, New Westminster Hyack Festival Association in New Westminster
Jonathan X. Côté
Councillor, City of New Westminster in New Westminster
Lindsay Ferguson
Co-owner, Re-Up BBQ in New Westminster