Past Portsmouth NH Event: VOL 14

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Community, Collaboration and Design

@ VOL 14 ON MAR 21, 2013

Eric Stark goes into depth on a selection of community-oriented student projects worked on in the past 6 years of the University of Maine's Architecure program.

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Revitalizing Portsmouth Music Hall

@ VOL 14 ON MAR 21, 2013

Terrence Parker talks about a remodeling project he did recently at his local music hall. He looks at the logistical side of remodeling the sidewalk and street, to make the area safe and more easily accessible, both by foot and bus, and then shows some of the more decorative touches, and looks at how they often also serve a practical purpose.

Brandon Holben
in Portsmouth
Stefan Vittori
in Portsmouth
Terrence Parker
in Portsmouth
Jane Seney
Educator for Tour and Docent Programs, Currier Museum of Art in Portsmouth, NH
George Workman
in Newcastle, ME
Hetty Startup
in Portsmouth, NH
Eric Stark
in Augusta, ME
Lucy Schlaffer
in Kittery, ME
Paul Bonnaci
in Kittery, ME