Past Taos Event: VOL 9

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April 04, 2013
@ TCA - Taos Center for the Arts

Let's thaw out together. Join us April 4th for Volume 9.

Elizabeth Jose, Painter / Singer
Adam Seitchik, Sustainable Investment Research Center
Hank Brusselback, Painter
Orion Paulden, Biophotonic Medical Technologies
Jill Rounds, Mixed Media Artist
Richard Leirer, Qigong and Tai Chi Master
Sonya Luz, Artist / Activist
Annya Ishtara, Belly Dancer
Sunny Redmond, Healer / Artist
April Werner / Painter
Rachel Bell, Hair Artist

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Modern Countervailance

@ VOL 9 ON APR 04, 2013

Adam Seitchik talks about the problems facing capitalism and government around the world today He shows how the original balance between the government, worker’s unions, and companies has become distorted over the years and finishes by looking at modern balances for corporate power, and how to remain socially aware while investing.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 28, 2013.

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Free Painting

@ VOL 9 ON APR 04, 2013

"What if painting was easy, right?"

In Free Painting from PechaKucha Night Taos Vol.9, Elizabeth Jose presents a series of her paintings while sharing how she creates these beautiful works of art. Elizabeth talks about her mindset while painting, preparation, and what motivates her to paint.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 28th, 2017. 

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Assorted Works

@ VOL 9 ON APR 04, 2013

Hank Brusselback talks about his paintings, showing pieces from various projects and series he has worked on over the years. His subject matter varies from political to personal, with some serving as light-hearted jokes about friends, and others becoming satires of political figures and problems in the United States and the world.

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Life after Ceramics

@ VOL 9 ON APR 04, 2013

Jill Rounds talks about her life after ceramics, and the various mediums she has explored since she left her ceramic tile business. She focuses mainly on painting and book arts, and shows several of her personal projects, many of which focus on themes of peace and spirituality.

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Fighting Plastic

@ VOL 9 ON APR 04, 2013

Sonya Luz Hinton Constanza uses her life to illustrate how many modern products have plastic components, and how to limit our plastic consumption as much as possible.

She then looks at the average consumption rate of single-use plastic bags worldwide, and points to various cities which have already banned these bags, urging Taos to do the same.

hank brusselback
artist, self in taos, NM
Adam Seitchik
Sustainable Investment Research Center, Sustainable Investment Research Center in Taos
Richard Leirer
Qigong and Tai Chi Master in TAOS
Sonya Luz
in Taos
Sunny Redmond
Wholistic Pratitioner with a specialty in Trauma, Collage artist, Photographer writer, Self Employed; Sacred Traditions in Taos
Orion Paulden
Biophotonic medical technologies, Light Medicine Research Group in Taos
April Werner
artist, self-employed in Taos