Past Chicago Event: VOL 25

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"I Want to be Ordinary"

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Industry of the Ordinary is a two-person art group that aims to explore and celebrate the commonness of everyday life as well as challenege the derogatory notions of the ordinary. Listen as the humorly talk about a few of their projects and reconsider what it means to be ordinary. 

"Presentation of the Day" on July 14, 2014.

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Frontal Lobotomy

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Janet Richmond dicusses how mental illness, in the late 1900s, was treated with a procedure called frontal lobotomy. She talks about the succes and many failures of the procedure and to her relief, and many of the audience's as well, how it is not practiced anymore. 

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The Maker Addict Movement

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Liz Neely is a maker addict. She creates things that have no purpose; only to see if she could make something out of her own imagination. She does not believe in the impossible and therefore challenges others to thing freely and create because no matter the lack of experience you may have nor how impossioble it may seem, it can be made. 



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American-Style Architecture

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Mark Campbell talks about the history of American-stlye architecture and its origins with a famous architect named Frank Lloyd Wright. Mark talks about how Wright's prairie style houses, that emphaises horizontally shaped houses, an open-planned interior, and copiuos glass windows, have had an empact on architects of the time and on the style of houses created today. 

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Community for Gamer Feedback

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Are twitting, blogging, marketing and advertizing of the most importance when intorducing a creative project or product? To Mike Laurence, the above mentioned strategies are not as valuable as builidng a community. Mike talks in depth about how building a community for people to talk and build relationships has helped to advertize and market his computer game. 


Mike Laurence 

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Life of Working Travelers

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Can home be anywhere you want it to be? This may seem like an obvious question, but with work and multiplte belongs it may prove to be a challenge. Smith Schwartz and her husband had decided, since their jobs can be done from anywhere with a wifi connection, to sell their belongs and tavel around the world. They hope to change how people think about work and share their experiences with others. 

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Urban City Development in China

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Thomas Hussey talks about China's current growth in urbanization. Although there are several challenges, such as outdated buildings, over-engineered highways, and pollution to deal with, they hope to redevelop the city, connect cities together, and create new cities entirely that would come to be potential solutions to those probelms. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 6, 2014. 

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Campaigning for President Barack Obama

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

"The pride I felt for the rest of the day was unbelievable. We knew we were doing was right and strong and true."

In Campaigning for President Barack Obama from PechaKucha Night Chicago, Vol. 25, campaign design team. project manager Traci Wiletalks about her experience working on one of the most impassioned, innovative, and truly historical presidential campaigns in US history. She gives details full of humor, passion, and inspiration about her experiences such as many of the long nights of stress, eating and drinking (bourbon) in a noisy and smelly office. However, the rewards are repaid with grateful words and a hug by President Obama himself.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 14th, 2015. 

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TIF Know-How For A Better Chicago

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 05, 2013

Tom Tresser talks about the happening topic of tax increment finanaicing (TIF). Although it may not be the most engaging topic, the information that he has for the people of Chicago is important. By informing the commnuity of how tifs work and to give them the means to understand where their tax money is going, it brings the commnuity closer together and encourages them to voice their opinons on financial matters. 

Peter Exley
Architect, Architecture Is Fun in Chicago
Tom Tresser
Organizer, educator, tool builder, IIT Stuart School of Business in Chicago
Michael Jackson
Journalist/Photographer/Printmaker/Musician in Chicago
Mike Laurence
Software Developer, Bytebin in Chicago
Adam Brooks
Artist, Industry of the Ordinary in Chicago
Diane Jackson
Executive Director of Integrated Production, DDB in Chicago
Liz N.
Director of Digitial Information & Access, Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago
Smith Schwartz
Front-End Web Developer, Freelance
Mark Campbell
Operations Manager, Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
Traci Wile
Director of Community Engagement, Organizing for Action in Chicago
Janet Richmond
Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago in Chicago
Mathew Wilson
in Chicago
Thomas Hussey
Architect + Urban Designer, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in Chicago