Past Tokyo Event: VOL 99

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Micro Sofubi

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

What is Micro Sofubi? Let our resident vinyl toy expert Don Kratzer guide you through the ins and outs of this category of figures he has so much love for -- and he hopes you'll love them too.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 26, 2013.

PechaKucha Night公式ウェブサイトで26日に「今日のプレゼンテーション」に選ばれたDonさんのミクロソフビプレゼンテーションをご紹介します。


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SuperDeluxe for January 2013

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

SuperDeluxe's Ryu Konno does his monthly round-up of events that were held recently at SLDX, and what's coming up over the next few weeks. And as always, he starts out with a few images that cover some recent personal activities. (in Japanese)


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Design for Social Innovation

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

This presentation is by a group of students from the "Design for Social Innovation" class at Musashino Art University, presenting on that very topic. Read more about their projects here. (in Japanese)

武蔵野美術大学 視覚伝達デザイン学科の生徒の皆さんが東北地方のためにデザインができることをテーマにプレゼンテーションをしてくれています。

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@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

Nayokenza Oliver and Fraser Barratt talk about the ins and outs of creating a music video for Nayo's latest single, "Andromeda." Find out more about Nayo from his website, and you can watch the music video for "Andromeda" on Youtube.


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Photo Ops

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

Takumi Hasegawa returns to the PK stage in Tokyo with a follow-up presentation that again sees him standing in snaps with a host of famous people, many in the architectural world. (in Japanese)

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The Law of Least Resistance

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

As the newness wears off the New Year, our willpower has wained, and we wonder how we flawed humans are going to turn our hopes into reality. Permaculture designer Cecilia Macaulay has good news, learnt from her passive self-watering balcony garden. Water doesn't just go down. It only goes where it wants to, thats true. Yet you can influence water to go almost anywhere, anytime. All by itself. With the same force-free design principles, maybe you can influence yourself to do almost anything.

This presentation shows you how you can get an edible balcony garden to water itself, using 2000-year-old desert technology, by going with, not against, our all-to-human human nature.

Find out more about Cecilia's projects through her website and "Balcony of Dreams" blog

パーマカルチャーデザイナーでいらっしゃるセシリア・ マッコーリーさんがオーストラリアからの来日中に自然と共存している生活様式についてプレゼンテーションしてくださいました。

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@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

Long before he came up with the world-wide "Emergency Exit" sign, Yukio Ota designed something that could be even more global in its reach, giving people the ability to get exactly where they want to go, when it comes to communicating successfully with each other.

As an itinerant young man wandering Italy with a rucksack, he started to wonder "Why do we have to turn meaning into words, and back into meaning again? Why not communicate directly, with a drawn symbol-language?" 

The unlikely team of a Japanese graphic designer and an Australian permaculture designer (Cecilia Macaulay) show you how to start "speaking" in LoCoS, and watch a whole new world open up.


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Digital Choc 2013

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

In 2012, the French Institute in Tokyo organized the first edition of Digital Month, a festival designed to highlight French creativity in the fields of digital cultures and new images. This event reached a wide and diverse audience by presenting all aspects of digital creation, from contemporary art to moving images, architecture to video games, and also digital publishing, contemporary music and performing arts. After the success of this first 2012 edition, the French Institute of Japan reiterates the digital experience by organizing Digital Choc, the second edition of this festival, in February 2013.

Through the theme of "digital territories," the 2013 edition would like to explore areas that digital technologies has disrupted, influenced or revolutionized. Artworks proposed in this digital arts festival are to be presented in several cities in the French cultural network in Japan (5 institutes IFJ, 4 French Alliances), and partners (concert halls, shops, cinemas, galleries, etc.)

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The Space and the Weight

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

Architect/designer/performer Yu Azuma explains how he combines all of these disciplines together, in a presentation entitled "The Space and the Weight." (in Japanese)

Don Kratzer
Guerrilla Semiotician, Fig-lab || 国際フィギュア研究所 in Tokyo
Saki Ikeda
Student in Tokyo
Tony Taniuchi
Nayokenza Oliver
musician in Tokyo
Samson Sylvain
Program director, Institut français du Japon in Tokyo
Yu Azuma
in Tokyo
Fraser Barratt
Film Maker , self-employed in Tokyo
Takumi Hasegawa
Architect Atelier Takumi Hasegawa in Fukaya