Past Bogota Event: VOL 11

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@ VOL 11 ON NOV 19, 2013

Artist Alberto Baraya's work questions notions of travel, post-colonialism, and exoticism as discourses for cultural vindication with irony and scientific rigor. He shares his most recent project, where he gets to be measured by strangers with a craniometer, and registers these encounters of cultures with photography in an ethnographic fashion. (In Spanish)

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Tales of Topoi

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 19, 2013

Inspired by Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama's "Tales of Tono," two mathematicians (Roman Kossak and Andrés Villaveces) and two artists (Wanda Siedlecka and María Clara Cortés) embark on a photographic dialogue in search for ways to find common grounds for both mathematics and art. Andrés Villaveces, one of the mathematicians, discusses this ongoing project. (In Spanish)

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Changing Paradigms in Education

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 19, 2013

Philosopher and New Media expert Alejandro Piscitelli introduces TadeoLab, a space for thinking, making, and experimenting as a new paradigm in education. (In Spanish)

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The Beauty of Light

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 19, 2013

Colombian architect Daniel Bermudez shares his ideas on light, beauty, and the social role of the architect, while showing some of his most impressive works, including the very auditorium where PechaKucha was held. (in Spanish)

Alejandro Piscitelli
Philosopher in Bogotá - Buenos Aires
Carmen Gil Vrolijk
Multimedia Artist, Universidad de los Andes, retroViSOR, La Quinta del Lobo in Bogotá
Andrés Villaveces
Mathematician, Universidad Nacional in Bogotá
Santiago Caicedo
Artist & Director, Timbo Estudio in Bogotá
Alberto Baraya
Artist in Bogotá
Adriana Salazar
Artist in Bogota
Francisco de Paula Gutiérrez Bonilla
Marine Biologist, Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá
Juan Pablo Calderón
Inventor, Bogohack in Bogotá
Daniel Bermúdez
Architect, Daniel Bermúdez in Bogotá