Past Bangor, ME Event: VOL 7

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The Perfect Dress

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2013

Interdisciplinary artist Amy Pierce integrates performance, installation, textile, and audience engagement into her creative practices. Her current performance piece focuses on the wedding gown as a symbol of the quest for perfection in contemporary American wedding culture and the  "perfection hysteria" that often ensues as brides struggle to find a balance between personal decisions and societal expectations.

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A Product of Art

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2013

Starting at a young age, Andrea Beaulieu was fascinated with art and design yet it took her 32 years to finally develop her own business and pursue a career in graphic and web design. In her presentation, Andrea discusses how her work is directly influenced by nature and the subject.

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Better than Fiction: How Owning My Story Changed My Life

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2013

The hardest thing anyone can do is owning up to the shame and guilt in their life. However, when you do, you have the power to change it and create your own ending. Cara Pelletier, with 14 years of experience as a professional educator and a Product Mentor at HR/Payroll software company, tells her story of how her owning up to shame put her in control of her life and helped her reach out to people in her business. 

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Caterpillar Hill Initiative's Avalonia

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2013

Dylan Howard has served as Caterpillar Hill Initiative's Vice President since the summer of 2010.Immediately taken by the site and the project, Dylan found Caterpillar Hill to be a place where he could manifest his deep interest in creating and establishing a strong symbiosis with nature. With the creation of the Avalonia he hopes that people locally and across Maine would come and enjoy the site and help protect it from private and commercial corporations unwilling to preserve the historically rich area.

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Civic Hacking For A Better Tomorrow

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2013

Most of society defines hackers as computer geniuses who can limitlessly explore the techniological world against all set rules for their own purposes. However, Garrett Wilkin shows how there is another side to hacking that is used for the greater good. With the creation of the Maine Hacker Club, he hopes to join the technical minds of the region to help with the technological issues that are affecting his community.

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Reporting on the Home Front

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2013

Mario Moretto covers the Hancock County, Maine for the Bangor Daily News. He has lived in Maine all his life and can think of nowhere he'd rather be to work. As a journalist in his hometown, he often reports on familiar faces and places; sometimes good news and sometimes bad news. However, he finds it a privilege to work in his hometwon and enjoys the feeling of his life coming full circle. 


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@ VOL 7 ON FEB 22, 2013

Sean Faircloth goes away from his usually detailed work of writing legislation and organizing causes to talking about ideals such as yugen, or experienceing a deeper feeling beyound words, that inspire him. He does this by talking about the controversal relationship of religion and science and politics. He poetically and with great passion describes the distinction between religious and scientific mentalities as to give greater insight on both sides. 

Cara Pelletier
Learning Solutions Consultant, Ultimate Software in Bangor, Maine
Dylan Howard
Filmmaker & Social Entrepreneur, Caterpillar Hill Initiative in Sedgwick, Maine
Amy Pierce
Interdisciplinary Artist and Researcher, Intermedia Graduate Student and New Media Lab Instructor, University of Maine- Intermedia and New Media Departments in Orono, Maine
Mario Moretto
Reporter, Bangor Daily News in Bangor, Maine
Garrett Wilkin
Technologist in Bangor, Maine
Andrea Beaulieu
Web and Graphic Designer, Kreatif Dezign in Ellsworth
Sean Faircloth
Director of Strategy & Policy, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, U.S. in Washington, D.C.