Past Toronto Event: VOL 20

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Chasing Storms

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 22, 2013

George Kourounis is a global explorer, adventurer, storm chaser, and host of the Angry Planet TV series. Hold on tight as he shares some of his most dramatic tales and images from numerous up-close encounters with the most dangerous forces of nature from around the world.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 11, 2013.

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3D Printing & Mass Customization

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 22, 2013

Digital fabrication technologies like 3D printing are becoming mainstream. A new movement is emerging where you'll be able to design every object you own, from your kitchen knives to your cell phone. This is the new industrial revolution, a transition from mass-production to mass-customization.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 24, 2013.

Jay Wall
Creative Director/Designer, STUDIO JAYWALL in Toronto
Jake Hirsch-Allen
Connector & IP Lawyer, Functional Imperative in Toronto
George Kourounis
Storm Chaser/Adventurer in Toronto
Connor Dickie
Entrepreneur, Synbiota Inc. in Toronto
Melanie Egan
Head of Craft Department, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto
Kyle Baptista
Designer in Toronto
Hot Pop Factory
Hot Pop Factory in Toronto
Sean Martindale
Interdisciplinary Artist & Designer (Public Interventionist) in Toronto
Sinéad Cormack
Raymundo Pavan
Designer, mostly architectural, BAAD (Bunch of Architects And Designers) in Mexico
Paul McClure
Educator, Jewellery Designer & Maker, George Brown College in Toronto