Past Tokyo Event: VOL 97

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VOL 97

November 28, 2012
@ SuperDeluxe

Following our big TDW bash, we're back at SuperDeluxe this month for PKN Tokyo Vol. 97 -- expect the same great atmosphere, same great lineup, and same great Tokyo Ale! Please note that we are also producing a special "PechaKucha x ArchiAid" event at SuperDeluxe, on Thursday, November 22. The event will be used to highlight ArchiAid-supported projects in Tohoku, as well as a few presentations that touch on other Tohoku-related initiatives. 今月のレギュラーPechaKucha Night 東京#97が11月28日水曜日にあります。皆さんお待ちしております! 会場を盛り上げてくださるプレゼンターの方々の発表をお楽しみに! 場所はいつものスーパーデラックスです。 28日のレギュラーPechaKucha 東京#97とは別に、11月22日木曜日にはアーキエイドとタイアップしたスペシャルなPechaKucha イベントをスーパーデラックスで行います。 東北地方の復興支援活動をテーマにプレゼンテーションをお届けします。 ぜひこちらにもお越し下さい。

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Project BABEL

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

Yusuke Iguchi talks about his latest project, BABEL, the biggest model he has ever produced. He is also trying to raise money for his next project -- you'll find more info on his website. (in Japanese and English)

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Real Japanese Gardens

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

We love Japanese gardens, and we want the world to know more about Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens can teach the attentive observer a great deal about Japan and Japanese design, from design concepts and careful material selection to Japanese history, culture and religion. Learn more on Jenny's site.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 31, 2013.

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Found Object Translation

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

Yota Kakuda (YOTA KAKUDA DESIGN) talks about how he takes second hand objects, which he finds at flea markets, and makes something new with them. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

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SuperDeluxe for November 2012

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

Another SuperDeluxe presentation, in which Ryu Konno starts off by sharing a few personal photos, to then take a look at recent events at the venue (and home to PKN Tokyo), and what's coming up. (in Japanese)

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Runs Within - a Motif Project

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

This is a poem and a story that revolves around the prints she developed under the theme "Vampires," as assigned by her professor. She offers up a new interpretation, and instead of drawing bats and bloody black cats, she analyses a vampire's needs and wants, and then compares it to us humans. She notices that what runs within us -- our needs and wants -- takes us through several stages of emotions throughout our lives, as we grow spiritually and physically. We all experience them, and the point is when -- and if -- we can reach our ultimate goal. (in English)

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Design for Social Innovation

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

This presentation reveals what art students and design can do for Tohoku reconstruction. The project lasted 8 months, and had the goal of bringing more people to the Tohoku area, and to also motivate local residents through art. (in Japanese)

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Information Retrieval

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

"Information Retrieval" is the title of a continuous series of works by Geraldine Lau. The art is inspired by maps, plans, and elevations, both contemporary and antique. We also find out how she processes imagery and data to create a new works, be it a drawing, an infographic chart, or an art spoof collage.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 8, 2013.

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FUN Gallery - Art from the Streets

@ VOL 97 ON NOV 28, 2012

A presentation by Bill Stelling of slides documenting the history of the legendary 1980s New York graffiti gallery. (in English)

Saki Ikeda
Student in Tokyo
Ryu Konno
SuperDeluxe in Tokyo
Aokid Aoki
in Tokyo
Geraldine Lau
Graphic Designer / Artist, Self-employed in Tokyo
Yota Kakuda
in Tokyo
Jenny Feuerpeil
Garden Writer, Designer, Photographer at, Real Japanese Gardens / 90 Days in Kyoto in San Francisco