Past Bowling Green Event: VOL 1

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The Writing Process, or An Excuse to Watch YouTube Videos & Drink Beer

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2012

Author Crystal Bowling shines a light on her creative process, from formulating her ideas, to editing, to publishing. She highlights the importance of regular stress relief throughout each step, regardless of how irreverent these breaks may appear on the surface to others.

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Art as a Business

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2012

Josh Hampton talks about the definition of art, and what he considers to be art. He then moves on to examine models of art as business, how art can be valued and marketed, and the interactions between artists, businessmen, and collectors, focusing on how artists can make the most of their work.

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The Law of 168, or Why Time Management is a Crock

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2012

Julie Ellis gives a presentation on time management, and how to live well. She looks at the amount of hours in a week, and breaks down the necessities of healthy living, then looks at the time left over, and asks how to best use this truly free time.

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My Role as a Storyteller

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2012

Photographer Jeanie Adams-Smiths explains how photographing children has brought her new insights on life, and on being a parent. She shows how raw and unfiltered a child’s emotions and actions can be, using excerpts from her projects on children facing hardships, as well as several photos of her own daughter.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 5, 2013.

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Up on the Mountains

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2012

John All talks about his experiences with mountain climbing, mainly in the Andes. He talks about the various samples he takes while climbing, the relationship between mountain climbing and scientific research, and the deterioration of the peaks due to global warming.

"Presentation of the Day" on May 25, 2013.

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All About Eyes

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2012

Student Orion Graudick describes the various factors which influence a person’s eye color or appearance, and makes note of some of the characteristics of human eyes, physical, and emotional. He lists some of the myths and character traits often assigned to specific eye colors, and then explains how personality and emotion can actually show itself through a person’s eyes.

Cheryl Kirby-Stokes
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Crystal Bowling
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Jeanie Adams-Smith
Professor, Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green
John All
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Julie Ellis
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Josh Hampton
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Orion Graudick
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