Past Chicago Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

June 05, 2012
@ Martyrs'

Twenty blooming two. That's a lot of PKs. Not even including all of the field trips and special events we've done. Thanks for being a PechaKucha fan in Chicago. And if you're a PechaKucha virgin, c'mon down, we'll make you feel welcome and guarantee a great time. Check out this emerging list of PechaKucha Night Chicago Volume 22 presenters.....

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Affordable Housing

@ VOL 22 ON JUN 05, 2012

Pete Landon describes the role he plays in building healthy and affordable houses for the residents of Chicago. In this presentations he demonstrates that he is indeed giving the community a lot more than houses. He also walks us through his hobby of small scale recreational aviation. 

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Misplaced Irreverence

@ VOL 22 ON JUN 05, 2012

Andy Swindler notes minor infractions in the everyday world. It always pays to have a camera.

Andy Swindler
Purpose Coach & Consultant, Lead From Love in Chicago