Past Tokyo Event: VOL 91

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Changing the World One Smile at a Time

@ VOL 91 ON APR 25, 2012

Guy is a clown, and a good one at that. In this moving presentation, he shares how he's been helping children, families, and communities in Tohoku who have suffered from tsunami-related PTSD issues. (in English)

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Childhood Drawings

@ VOL 91 ON APR 25, 2012

Eric is a Canadian designer now based in New York, and in this presentation, he shares the childhood creations he produced as a kid, and shows how they link up to and influenced the work he creates these days. (in English)

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PechaKucha in Milan

@ VOL 91 ON APR 25, 2012

PechaKucha was in Milan last month (April 2012) for the Milano Salone (Milan Design Week), with a series of four PechaKucha events held at Heineken's temporary club space (designed by up-and-coming creators who were selected through a series of PechaKucha events in four cities). In this presentation, Jean gives you a taste of what the events were like, and slips in a few design week-related slides as well.

Jean Snow
Executive Director, PechaKucha in Tokyo