Past Frankfurt Event: VOL 21

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Fred Black

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

Fred Black belongs to a new generation of designers who chooses to work with shadow instead of light. His fictive timeline looks back from the year 2022 and reveals the side effects of extensive LED lighting expansion. In his effort to redefine the beauty of the night, Fred creates a counterpoint as he initiates the Nocturnale Event in 2022, where he gives shadow a new perspective.

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Moment Factory

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

75 multimedia artists work at Moment Factory. Although the studio is based in Montreal, Canada, the team is composed of people from around the world and from various backgrounds, including dance, architecture, lighting design, programming, engineering, graphic design, illustration, music, production and more. What Gabriel Pontbriand loves so much about his job is that each project is a surprising adventure. Having and international and multidisciplinary group of people working together allows them to imagine interactions between technology and emotion that are unique each time.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 18, 2013.

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Silo 468 Light Art Project

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

Tapio Rosenius from Lighting Design Collective talks about their Silo 468 light art project for the City of Helsinki. This urban light art intervention uses wind, swarm intelligence, and logarithmic lighting control to achieve its artistic vision. The project is part of the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 year.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 20, 2013.

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Time Drifts

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

Philipp Geist models many of his installations in which the topics of time and space play an essential role. He shows his way of dealing with various media, like video, light installations, photography, and painting. In this presentation, he mainly focuses on moved and accessible installations which he displayed all over the world in the last years, including Thailand, Rome and Germany. Moreover, he pays special attention to his installation “TIME DRIFTS” which he showed at the square of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt for Luminale 2012. (in German)

Die malerische Interpretation von Zeit und Raum in den künstlerischen Arbeiten von Philip Geist Während seiner Präsentation stellt Philipp Geist einige seiner Installationen vor, in denen die Themen Raum und Zeit eine wesentliche Rolle spielen. Er zeigt, wie er mit den Medien Video, Lichtinstallation, Fotografie und Malerei umgeht. Hierbei stehen hauptsächlich bewegte und begehbare Installationen im Mittelpunkt, die er während der letzten Jahren in verschiedenen Ländern der Welt ausgestellt hat. So präsentiert er zum Beispiel Installationen in Thailand, Rom und Deutschland. Darüber hinaus geht er auf seine Installation „TIME DRIFTS“ ein, die er anlässlich der Luminale 2012 auf dem Platz der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt gezeigt hat.

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Die Poesie des Erweiterten Raumes

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

A room is defined by its demarcations, the exclusion from its environment, the limitation of the room for manoeuvre and the space for thought, its volume, its dimensions, its room shell and its haptic materials, its lightning and its acoustic and narrative potential. The expandable room is a vision of a room, “which casts its shadows into the future” and – metaphorically speaking – creates shadows of the room. By the use of projected film, a virtual expansion and transformation is possible; the perception of room or spatial dimensions is not limited through physical borders anymore but solely dependent on the imaginative potential.
The associated, the imagined and poetical room takes the real room’s place. (in German)

Ein Raum wird bestimmt durch seine Umgrenzung, die Ausgrenzung des Umfeldes, die Eingrenzung des Handlungs-, Denk- und Spielraumes, sein Volumen, seine Dimension, seine Raumhülle und ihre haptische Materialität, seine Beleuchtung und sein akkustisches und narratives Potential. Der erweiterte Raum ist  eine Vision von Raum, "der seinen Schatten voraus wirft"  und Raumschatten im metaphorischen Sinn kreiert. Durch den Einsatz von projeziertem Film ist eine virtuelle Erweiterung und Verwandlung des Raumes möglich; die Wahrnehmung von Raum oder der Raumdimensionen ist nicht mehr durch die physischen Grenzen limitiert sondern allein vom Imaginationspotential abhängig. An die Stelle des realen Raumes tritt der assoziierte, der imaginierte, tritt der Poetische Raum.

Thomas Schielke
Architect in Frankfurt
Tapio Rosenius
Lighting Designer, Lighting Design Collective in Madrid
Gabriel Pontbriand
Lighting Designer, Moment Factory in Montreal
Helena Malsy
Das Ei Medienproduktion GmbH in Frankfurt am Main
Björn Asmussen
3deLuxe in Wiesbaden
Helmut M. Bien
Managing Director // Curator LUMINALE, Luminapolis, Westermann Kommunikation
Philipp Geist
Philipp Geist
Uwe Brückner
Atelier Brückner
Renato Turri
CEO, PSA Publishers LTD in Zürich
Luisa Alvarez
Lightning Designer in Madrid
Swee Hong Ong
Director of Lightning Consultancy Division, Ong&Ong Pte Ltd
Marco Stümpel
Managing Director, Lightline
Sebastian Fleiter
Atelier Fleiter in Kassel
Naoki Mimuro
Chief Representative, The City of Yokohama; Frankfurt Representative Office in Frankfurt am Main
Stefan Hauser
Hauser Lacour Kommunikationsgestaltung gmbh in Frankfurt am Main