Past Istanbul Event: VOL 14

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VOL 14

May 24, 2012
@ Yapı-Endüstri Merkezi A.Ş.


On the evening of May 24, 2012, PechaKucha Night Istanbul hosted presenters from Istanbul and Yerevan on stage to encourage close creative encounters between two cities. Close Creative Encounters Programme was made projects, share ideas and opportunities between creative industry professionals to develop sustainable partnerships. The first event was organised in November 2011 at Yerevan with presenters coming from architecture, film, food and beverage, light design, eco-tourism, crafts, performing arts and music.  


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Social Platform for single parents

@ VOL 14 ON MAY 24, 2012

"Bechos" means "single and with children," but it's also a social meeting platform for single parents on the internet. In this presentation, Yersu Kalaba shows how it is being used to share ideas and problems that relate to being single with children, and how it is developing through its members. (in English)

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Human Planetary Impact: The “Glocal” Perspective

@ VOL 14 ON MAY 24, 2012

Alen Amirkhanian teaches environmentally sustainable urbanism and engineering, and his presentation is about compelling work done internationally to understand the human global impact on the planet. He also talks about work he is undertaking to address these global issues at a local level. (in English)

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Innovative Technologies: From Xbox to Robby the Robot

@ VOL 14 ON MAY 24, 2012

Armina Mkhitaryan's presentation covers some of the latest Microsoft technologies, everything from the Kinect to the innovative projects implemented by the Microsoft Innovation Center in Armenia. (in English)

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Aye, Thanks!

@ VOL 14 ON MAY 24, 2012

Can Yücel Metin's presentation is all about a comedy TV series called Aye, Thanks! that airs Friday nights in Turkey. He is an actor on the show, as well as a writer. (in English)

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@ VOL 14 ON MAY 24, 2012

Kerem Piker speaks about his project, Bomba, a report on a fictional, accidental 1943 bombing of Istanbul by the Allies, and the three politically and socially significant landmarks his fictional history reports as destroyed. In doing so, he questions how these sites have become important, and what nonfictional accidents are responsible for their present images.

Can Yucel Metin
Actor in Istanbul
Yersu Kabala
in İstanbul
Ferruh Altun
in istanbul
Masis Aram Gozbek
in İstanbul
Karlen Muradyan
Actor in Yerevan