Past Derby Event: VOL 3

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October 26, 2011

Our third Pecha Kucha Night (PKN) Derby presenters are: Chiz Deakin | Southern Xposure (penguins, icebergs and historic huts of Antarctica) | Photographer and Guidebook writer James Rice | The Dream Society | Designer Jonathan Wallis | Playing the Field | Museum Manager BEER BREAK Chris Beech | How big is your fish? | Photographer/Lecturer   Martin Broadhurst | In Defense of the Humble Kebop | Boy Genius Doug Smith | The Pictures in the Hall | Film Maker We look forward to seeing you there for another evening of PechaKucha fun & inspiration. We are currently sourcing our presenters for #04 so please get in touch if you are interested.

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How Big Is Your Fish?

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 26, 2011

Chris explains the history of cranking balls (or bowling). This presentation is in English.

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The Pictures in the Hall

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 26, 2011

"He was introducing the Ziggy Stardust persona. It was obvious to everybody that it was going to be absolutely massive. I remember being aware that I was witnessing something special, the emergence of a star."

In The Pictures in the Hallway, from PechaKucha Night Derby Vol. 3, Doug Smith shares an absolutely amazing PechaKucha about photos taken in London 40 years ago, of rock legends of a phenomenal era of music. Photos of Bowie, Eno, Dury, and others now gracing his hallway in Derby, an ultimately cool testament of Smith's love for music. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on November 2nd, 2013 and again on January 14th, 2015 following the passing of David Bowie.

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Classical versus Romantic

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 26, 2011

James Rice examines the contrast in approaching an idea from a romantic perspective, versus a classical perspective. His presentation features beautiful illustrations by Catherine Sweetman

"Presentation of the Day" on October 21, 2013.

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Playing the Field

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 26, 2011

Jonathan and his fun activities in the field at the back of his house. This presentation is in English.

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In Defence of the Humble Kebop

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 26, 2011

Martin's passion for Kebop -- the history, the present, and the future of Kebab. This presentation is in English.

Martin Broadhurst
Digital Marketing Manager, Katapult in Derby
Jonathan Wallis
Museum Manager, Derby Museums in Derby
James Rice
Designer in Derby
Doug Smith
in Derby
Chris Beech
in Derby