Past Tokyo Event: VOL 73

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VOL 73

May 26, 2010
@ SuperDeluxe

Door opens at 19:00

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Mud Portraits

@ VOL 73 ON MAY 26, 2010

Canadian photographer Harold Godsoe introduces his series of "Mud Portraits," explaining what drew him to using mud, and what he feels comes out of the resulting photographs.

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Idle Idol

@ VOL 73 ON MAY 26, 2010

Through his book Idle Idol, Edward Harrison captures the amazing world of the statuesque mascots found in front of many Japanese stores. The next step is to cover them worldwide, so if you'd like to help out, get in touch with Edward through either his own site or the book's site.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 21, 2013.

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Tasty Buddha

@ VOL 73 ON MAY 26, 2010

Artist Koshi Kawachi has found an interesting medium for his art: Japanese snacks. Follow his presentation as he shows us what he's been able to produce so far. (in Japanese and English)

"Presentation of the Day" on September 6, 2013.

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Odissi Dance and Me

@ VOL 73 ON MAY 26, 2010

Masako Ono has lived in India for over 10 years, drawn to the country because she wanted to learn more about a dance style called "odissi." Ono is back in Tokyo to not only share what she's been experiencing there, but also to produce events and workshops in Tokyo as well. The presentation is mostly in English, with a bit of Japanese.
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Contemporary Architecture

@ VOL 73 ON MAY 26, 2010

Hans Demarmels is the founder of World Architects, a site that has turned into the biggest online resource for architects the world over.
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My Life in 6.40 – Van Hier tot Tokyo

@ VOL 73 ON MAY 26, 2010

Lenn Cox has her hands in all forms of design, although coming from a fashion background, which she tends to bring with her when working on new projects. Lenn spent the past few months in Tokyo helping out on all things PechaKucha, and her "sayonara" presentation covers her life and experiences both before and during her stay. You can follow Lenn on her blog as well.
Edward Harrison
Designer in London