Past Tokyo Event: VOL 66

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VOL 66

October 28, 2009
@ SuperDeluxe

Door opens at 19:00!!!

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It's a Little Bit Weird

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

British designer Anthony Dickens gives us an insight into the weird things that inspire him.

In 1998 Anthony Dickens founded his London product and furniture design studio to design better relationships between people and objects, blending utility with simple narratives and re-imagining the everyday things that surround us. Initially designing and manufacturing his own range of lighting, Anthony’s work is diverse, often bridging the gap between product design and communications. Anthony has worked for Audi, Veuve Clicquot and Red Bull bringing the essence of brands to life. 

In 2006 he achieved notable success with the launch of the Origami Table, a range of dining, side and coffee tables. It won the Elle Decoration Best Table Award 2007 and is now produced by Innermost. The Anglepoise® Fifty, a light that encapsulated the Anglepoise® brand and story, was shortlisted for the Designs of the Year 2007 and is now part of the London Design Museum collection.

Other notable products include Tekiō, currently nominated for Designs of the Year 2013, the Around Clock and Kitchen Timer for Lexon and the Scoot pizza cutter for Joseph Joseph.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 19, 2013.

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Transformer Apartment

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

You shouldn't change for your house, your house should change for you.

Gary Cheng has lived in this 32sqm apartment from the age of 14. 30 years later, he is still living there in the heart of Hong Kong. This is an incredible story of how his home has transformed over the years, and still continues to transform.

 This was "Presentation of the Day" on May 28th, 2017.

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Peace Sweater

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Tokyo Design Week 2009 PechaKucha Series 03 A great and inspiring independent peace project. Typography meets Fashion. Collaboration and Fusion. Universal greetings and Fair Trade production - a clothing project with a global message. DESIGN TIDE INFO: PEACE SWEATER and PepaStar

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Food fascination

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Tokyo Design Week 2009 PechaKucha Series 04 Francesca Sarti presented the work of collaorators Silvia Allori, Alessandra Foschi, Francesca Pazzagli who make up the food design team Arabeschi di Latte. The group’s purpose is to experiment with a new design concept focusing on food fascination and the power of food in creating situations and relationships.

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Visualizing Taboos

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Jonathon Hagos' design work focuses on themes often avoided. Among them are colonization, the subject of race, and (less controversial) the idea that buildings tell stories through their external textures. To learn more about Jon's recent work, check out his portfolio.

This presentation was part of a special PechaKucha Night during Tokyo Designers Week 2009.

"Presentation of the Day" on October 12, 2013.

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Kev Rock

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Kevin Gibson was about to turn 40 when he had a great idea: why not have a rock concert to celebrate, and ask all his favorite bands when he was growing up to play? The rest is history, welcome to Kev Rock!

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The Secret Lives of Cones

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

You thought they were "just" cones, but think again. Joachim Müller-Lancé was in Tokyo for Design Week for this presentation, but normally resides in San Francisco, where he runs Kame Design.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 8, 2013.

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SwedishStyle in Tokyo

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Swedish Style x PechaKuchaNight 01 Sweden LOVES Japan: A special Tokyo Design Week PechaKucha to celebrate 10 years of Swedish Style in Japan. Petter Thörne, Marcus Abrahamsson, Anders Johnsson works can be found at Three friends from Konstfack Design School especially interested in sustainability and how to use leftover materials from the normal product development process. Conceptual and cool, with warmth and generousity often collaborating in different mixes with their fellow students and colleagues.

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Drink Wine, Eat Chocolate

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Åsa Jungnelius is a much talked about contemporary Swedish glass designer, interested in what is considered genuine or fake and how the value of an object is created. She often uses stereotypes as a languange and challenge their conventional meaning. See more of her work here.

Swedish Style x PechaKuchaNight 02 Sweden LOVES Japan: A special Tokyo Design Week PechaKucha to celebrate 10 years of Swedish Style in Japan. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 9, 2014.

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Stockholm Design Lab

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

This presentation was part of "Swedish Style x PechaKucha - Sweden LOVES Japan," a special Tokyo Design Week event to celebrate 10 years of Swedish Style in Japan. Bjorn Kussoffky and Thomas Eriksson give a rare and candid view of their work and what inspires them.

"Presentation of the Day" on July 20, 2013.

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No Picnic

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Swedish Style x PechaKuchaNight 04 Sweden LOVES Japan: A special Tokyo Design Week PechaKucha to celebrate 10 years of Swedish Style in Japan. No Picnic is a successful industrial design company that has grown from 2 to 50 since the start in 1993. Their latest product "Pacemaker" is revolutionizing the world of DJ-ing.

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@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Swedish Style x PechaKuchaNight 05 Sweden LOVES Japan: A special Tokyo Design Week PechaKucha to celebrate 10 years of Swedish Style in Japan. Jabcob is the producer of a new platform for exchange between contemporary Swedish and Japanese music. Meetingplace on the webb and live with music events, where exchange and discourse are key.

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More people than products

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

Ewa is Managing Director of Svensk Form, founder of Swedish Style in Tokyo now celebrating 10 years and the organizer of PechaKucha Nights in Stockholm. Ewa and SwedishStyle have done so much to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Sweden - and shows what positive energy can do in the world, here's to another 10 years. Ewa Power for Ever!
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From Kotka with love...

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

A not only a fascinating tour of the world from Kotka to Cairo, but an amazing view of life from saunas... and yachts! Studio Suppanen is a design studio working in graphics, three-dimensional design and architecture based in Helsinki.

Joachim Müller-Lancé
graphic designer, Kame Design in San Francisco
Ryotaro Chikushi
CEO & Founder, Moretrax in Berlin