This week's City Focus lands on the classic American city of Springfield, Ohio. In 2004 it was recognized as an All America City and has had quite a history since it’s founding in 1801. It also holds many amazing hiking trails like The Little Miami Scenic Trail, a 78 mile (125 km) paved walkway stretching across 4 counties in Ohio. It also has majestic gorge’s, river’s, and caverns sure to delight any and all nature lovers. PechaKucha Night Springfield, OH Vol. 23 will be held on April 17th. Best Wishes Springfield!

The DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019 is now open for global online submission.

Design projects, launched in one or more Asian markets between 1 January 2017 and 31 May 2019, are eligible for Awards submission by the design’s owner or client, or by the brand’s owner, designer or design consultancy.

While they may be solitary animals, this parliament of owls convenes to share their stories. How mysterious…and cute! This week's PKN Poster Spotlight takes a peek at Troyes' whimsically wonderful owls poster. Much like these owls here, the presenters at Troyes will feed your imagination and stir your curiosity. Much appreciation to Thibault Marcilly for the excellent poster. Find out whoooooo will be presenting at PechaKucha Night Troyes Vol.6 on April 24. Have a great time over there Troyes!

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City Focus: León, Mexico

Extensive cycling culture, gastronomy, fine leather products, beautiful architecture, all of these wonderful things can be found in this week’s City Focus of León, Mexico. This gem of a city hosts one of the most extensive bike networks in Latin America and is also considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Mexico. Of course year round there’s plenty to do in this city, but also the Feria de León, or León State Fair is also a big hit here, being one of the most visted fairs in Mexico. Unfortunately it only takes place in January and February, however, the fun hasn't stopped yet, PechaKucha Night León Vol. 12 will take place on April 12th. Buena Surete León!

It’s time for a reboot in Gainesville, and for such an occasion they’ve created this amazing poster which is this week’s PKN Poster Spotlight. What better way to refresh and renew the PechaKucha community than by sharing ideas with each other shown by the chromatic stream flowing from one mind to the next. There’s going to be great fishing for inspiration in that stream of thought! PechaKucha Night Gainesville Vol. 16 on April 1st is sure to be a great time!

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“As sure as God’s in Gloucester", PechaKucha also has a great presence out there for this week’s City Focus. That saying comes from the numerous amazing cathedrals around the city, some even used in films like Harry Potter. Gloucester is an incredibly storied city and one of the few in England that bears two coat of arms. Not only that the city hosts many amazing festivals like the Three Choirs Festival and the Frightmare Halloween Festival. PechaKucha Night Gloucester Vol. 8 will be hosted on April 8th, happy presenting!

This week’s City Focus on Petaling Jaya, also known as PJ, located in extravagant Indonesia. While it may be a relatively new city next to Kuala Lumpur it offers amazing sights, sounds, shopping and food that caters to people from all walks of life. Whether a vivid Buddhist Temple, bustling shopping malls, or 24 hour food places Petaling Jaya has it all. Hope you had a great PechaKucha Night Petaling Jaya Vol. 8 on March 14th!

PechaKucha Santa Fe shines this week’s PKN Poster Spotlight with their event theme on ‘Place’: Somewhere where artists and creatives come together and meet one another to exchange ideas, thoughts and imagination. Where do you belong? Check out what happend at PechaKucha Night Santa Fe Vol.2!

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In partnership with Shenzhen Creative Week, PechaKucha Night Shenzhen brings us yet another spectacular poster design for this week's PechaKucha Poster Spotlight. With its aesthetically appealing melange of cool and warm colors, and combination of screen-printing and simple line drawing techniques, this poster not only pops - it rocks! To learn more about the ongoings of the star-studded Shenzhen Creative Week, visit the official Shenzhen Creative Week webpage here.

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Following their ostentatious 10th anniversary event, PechaKucha Night Shenzhen is coming back this month with a BANG - introducing their largest and most anticipated collaborative event to date, PechaKucha Night Shenzhen x Shenzhen Creative Week, in this week's extra special PechaKucha City Focus.

Prepare yourself for a massive storm of creativity at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on March 19th and 20th, where 40 speakers from all walks of life will share their ideas behind their amazing art and design works. All of this will be occurring throughout five individual sessions, each featuring a unique theme, including "Wonderland", "The Beach", "Romance", "Picnic", and "Happy Farm" – enough variety to guarantee you an unforgettable story-telling experience. 

Join in and see what PechaKucha Night Shenzhen x Shenzhen Creative Week can bring to you!