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Practicing Collaboration Through People, Places and Materials

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2019

Artist Ros Johnson explores recent collaborative experiences driving her practice, confidence and creative life.

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When You're Not Looking

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2019

Designer and Illustrator Richard Corrigan talks us through some periods of his life that have been very influential on his work, despite not considering a career in the creative industry whilst living them, as well as touching on what’s happening in the coming months. 

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The Joys of BrandHappy® – Doing Great Work For Great People

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2019

Owen Turner introduces his independent brand and design agency, United by Design. In this presentation, Owen presents about his design history, some of his influences, a few creative pioneers, design heroes and creative innovators. He follows this with examples of some of the work he and his team work do with clients, a few side projects and some of the collaborations that he has been involved in over recent years.

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Creative Ventures in York

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2019

Megan Hamber discusses her upcoming projects, Mum That Likes to Fuck and Sourpuss. Giving a little insight into what she and her collaborators have been up to.

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MOVE|MEANT: Creating an Inclusive Performance Environment

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2019

MOVE|MEANT is a platform for multimedia installations and performances, but also something more. James Redelinghuys explains, what began as an opportunity to showcase new pieces also became a statement on new music performance; creating an environment where everyone, academics, musicians, and non-musicians, can be included in the wonderful world of today’s music.

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The 'In-Between'

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2019

Colin Black delivers a tenuously-linked ramble about that bit in the middle that actually is the most important bit, or certainly needs to be given greater importance.

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The 1001 stories of climate change'

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 30, 2018

Catherine Heinemeyer convinces us that stories are one the most valuable natural resources we have in the fight against climate change'. She discusses how folktales and religious stories absorbed early in life form the cognitive building blocks with which we understand complex situations such as climate change, and how collective action to combat it depends on our ability to hear and understand the stories invoked by different 'narrative tribes'.

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Nobody Speaks Unless Somebody Listens

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 30, 2018

Miles Salter reads his poem ‘Nobody Speaks Unless Somebody Listens’, written for this event, and performs his song ‘A Way Of Being Free’.

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Moving Audiences

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 30, 2018

Site specific', 'promenade performance' and 'immersive theatre' are terms liberally sprinkled through arts marketing materials, with varying relationships to the actuality. How about an 'immersive roast potato pop-up experience' anyone? You think Jonathan Eato is joking...

But whether it's the latest show from the internationally acclaimed Punchdrunk theatre company, or a well-known oven chip manufacturer jumping on the bandwagon, there are a number of common questions that experience makers are confronted with. Why are audiences being asked to move around? (aka what's wrong with a comfy theatre seat?) How can we move audiences without resorting to sat-nav type instructions or relying on unpredictable wanderlust? And once audiences are out of their seats, what's the pay off?

Jonathan (sound designer for Hannah Bruce & Company) will attempt to answer some of these questions, and make the case for resonance and reverberation as key tools in the immersive experience.  

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A Young Woman's Journey Into African Initiation

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 30, 2018

From Walking through the gates of a small initiation school in Botswana,
Joanne Cuthell discovered a world of deep spiritual healing through song, dance and the beating drums.
She discovered a world that allowed her to access her lineage and resolve the past sufferings of the many generations that came before. 
The communities support and the wisdom of the elders allowed the healing to manifest in its fullness. 
She shares images and echoes them with words that allow a unique glimpse into the world of the Sangoma.
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With You To The Threshold

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 30, 2018

A journey from the physical experience of sound and its expansion, to the role of the individual in the community; and more precisely artists in society. Cristina Crespo discusses how this manifests in her own personal and artistic life, culminating in the album she is currently working on: With You to The Threshold. 

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How not to do a PechaKucha

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 30, 2018

Chris Booker attempts to do a PechaKucha on the spot without ever having seen the images on screen before, with no prepared material. A test of how to think on your feet and cope under pressure.