Past York Event: VOL 15

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VOL 15

March 16, 2018
@ Cafe 68 - Cycle Heaven

This spring's PechaKucha offers a voice to York Central. What does the redevelopment of this key part of our city mean for all of us? How do its residents, artists, campaigners, businesses and dreamers visualise the area's future? What's important to them and why?

Join us at Cafe 68 @ Cycle Heaven on Hospital Fields from 8pm for beer, nibbles and personal visions.

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YorSpace: Community Led Housing

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

James Newton talks about his passion for a different approach to housing... As cofounder of YorSpace he outlines the groups vision to create low cost, cooperatively owned, environmentally sustainable homes that create and sustain community.

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Living less with the car

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

York remains a unique and attractive city, in part because it has always sought to deter cars from entering the city centre.  The historic core has been preserved by pedestrianisation, cycle routes, car parking policies, and park and ride.  But as the city grows, how do we nurture the city’s wider neighbourhoods to become less car reliant? Paul Osborne discusses how can developers tempt us with car-free living rather than automated double garage doors? And what do we all stand to gain from living less with the car?

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York Central - urban living for the 21st century

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

Inspired by the European cities she spent her youth in, Ulrike Bullerby envisages four, five and six storey housing with a mix of private and shared outdoor space. Cars will be kept at the periphery, so that people and an outstanding leisure facility for the whole city can take centre-stage!
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Changing Behaviour To Create Fertile Grounds To Innovate In Cities

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

Richard MacCowan delves into his experience of working with some of the world’s largest organisations to help them understand how they can look to biomimicry, not only as a tool for innovation to create more vibrate and places and spaces but integrating nature back into our cities. How. What. Why. Where. When. These are just some of the building blocks we will explore.

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Identity and Heritage - York is full of both

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

With any development we need to make sure that the people of York have their needs and feelings put first and York Central will give our city a unique opportunity to do just that, whilst enhancing our rich history and culture! Dom Bielby will hope to show which aspects of York's heritage and identity York Central will allow us to develop, whilst hopefully giving good reasons as to why we should and what we need to avoid!

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Creating Sustainable Cities

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

Christian Vassie explains how creating sustainable cities requires citizens and politicians to park their differences on the energy transition and other environmental issues. With York having had no Local Plan or vision for its future for over 60 years as a direct result of the inability of its politicians and citizens to work constructively together, and with climate change an ever-growing challenge, we have to dump the party rosettes and get serious. Fortunately there are plenty of other cities across the EU to show us how it is done. 
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@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

Phil Bixby is an Architect and Certified Passivhaus Designer and will be spelling out what Passivhaus is all about, what benefits it brings, and why everything on York Central should be built to this standard. Just to really rub it in he’ll also explain how the Germans are doing it already.

Phil Bixby
Architect in York
Paul Osborne
Transport Planner, Actor, Writer, SYSTRA, self employed in YORK
Ulrike Bullerby
Parent, Bookseller, PR, Activist in York