Past Yogyakarta Event: VOL 25

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VOL 25

October 10, 2019

Life is scary, let's talk!

Mental health is being the number two if talking about our awareness about health; but still it's an important substance we can't put aside. 

Talking is one of the solution to keep our mind healthier, just like body exercise. We often feel forbid to feel not okay, but it's not, means we're collecting pressure into our mind and creating depression; one of lethal disease. depression and suicide is very close, we can prevent that by talking. So let's talk

In this volume of PechaKucha, we gather with KPSI (Komunitas Peduli Skizophrenia Indonesia); sharing about suicide prevention and together we can embrace and accept to feel okay when we're not okay.

See you this Thursday!

No presenters have been added to this event.