Past Yerevan Event: VOL 35

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VOL 35

September 04, 2019

Whichever industry you work in, or whatever your interests, you will almost certainly have to interact with data. And what can be better than being part of a meetup where world-class professionals discuss the newest trends in dealing with data? Such event in your OWN city maybe?

In collaboration with PechaKucha Yerevan team, Kiraki Development Foundation, ISTC and FAST - Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology, DataFest Tbilisi is coming to Yerevan on September 4! The event will feature local and international speakers discussing how data is changing the face of our world. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from their experience, get inspired by the work they’ve done, and most importantly, network and start new collaborations with them in the future!

Data scientists, analysts, researchers, journalists, activists, marketers, entrepreneurs, developers, designers are invited to join and help us spread data literacy all over the Caucasus!

Diana Babayan
Researcher and Operations Officer, Polixis in Yerevan
Areg Gevorgyan
Business Development Manager, Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC) in Yerevan
Gasia Atashian
Data Scientist, DISQO in Yerevan
Arshak Avoyan
Director on Data and Analytics , PicsArt in Yerevan
Mher Matevosyan
Data Science Expert , Foundation for Armenian Science & Technology (FAST) | Armenia in Yerevan
Adam Bittlingmayer
Technical Co-Founder , ModelFront in Yerevan
Giorgi Jvaridze
CTO , MaxinAI in Tbilisi
Rudolf Eremyan
Data Scientist , Windsor.AI in Tbilisi
Emma Lacey-Bordeaux
Senior Director for Standards , CNN in Washington
Samvel Martirosyan
Director, ArmSec Foundation in Yerevan
Nino Macharashvili
Founder & Team Lead , DataFest Tbilisi in Tbilisi