Past Yerevan Event: VOL 31

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VOL 31

June 29, 2019
@ Mirzoyan Library (Միրզոյան գրադարան)

On the 31st PechaKucha Yerevan event, we are excited to bring together some of the renown and aspiring Armenian designers. We will hear 11 stories on typography, experience design for physical spaces, work-life balance, client management, relationship between design and fashion, analog education, and perspectives on design as a natural human activity. Talks will be in English and Armenian. ENTRANCE BY TICKETS.

Speaker lineup:
1. Levon Hovhannisyan, kazmir00
2. Mane Tatoulian, graphic designer & writer
3. Gor Jihanian, typeface designer, typographer, consultant
4. Ani Abgaryan, UX designer & strategist
5. Meliq Sofoyan, founder of Berq Studio
6. Arsineh Valladian, design & branding specialist
7. Masha Hayrapetyan, project manager, and Ani Tarjumanyan, lead designer at Braind
8. Mariam Emeksizian, Lily Mehrabyan, Lilit Ghazaryan, Tumo Studios students
9. Gayane Yerkanyan, product designer, typography artist
10. Gev Balyan, founder of Ucraft
11. Emil Ter-Avetiqyants, designer at Proper

Event brought to you by Proper x Ara Aslanyan
Poster design: Mane Tatoulian

***ATTENTION*** We kindly ask you to purchase event tickets in advance. Ticket price in advance: 2,000 AMD, at the door: 4,000 AMD. Available from tonight at Proper and Mirzoyan Library. For questions, please call: 096 960747.

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Ոնց Սոված Չմնալ

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

Levon Hovhannisyan shares his journey as a freelance graphic designer with a series of interesting calligraphic phrases. 

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The Grid of the Mind

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

What is the relationship between Design and the Universe? Is there a more deep and essential reason in the significance of design? Design is not an artificial discipline: it is a natural human activity. The seek of designing, systematizing and organizing is nothing but a human essential need - coming back to our essence: We were designed (by a design) to design. Mane Tatoulian provides some insight. 

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Armenian Typefaces for a Global Context

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

Gor Jihanian will showcase his practice of researching and designing new typefaces for the Armenian script.

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Inspiration and Everything That Goes On Around Us

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

Meliq Sofoyan talks about fashion and what’s going on in the fashion world now - what affects us and how. We’ll also hear about brand creation and things that we are responsible for. 

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Experience design for physical spaces

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

UX (User experience) design principles allow us to create more human-centered experiences of software products and services. We can also align our physical experiences with our needs and senses by improving wayfinding and navigation, defining guidelines and making incremental design decisions - Ani Abgaryan explains. 

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The Business of Design

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

Not much can prepare you for those difficult moments when your clients suck the life out of your creativity and then pay you peanuts. They hold all the cards, right? Wrong. A good designer is someone who is talented. A successful designer is one who knows how to manage their clients and projects. Arsineh Valladian will be sharing some of the jobs that tested her skills and taught her how to up her game. Learning how to charge more and manage your client will not only bring you success, but set the standard of expectations in the industry.

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Graphic Designer VS Project Manager: eternal battle

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

The topic girls chose is to reveal the eternal struggle and conflict always existed and they  believe will exist as long as creative agencies are there. The reason they chose this topic is they wanted to talk about a problem that is familiar to the creative people and suggest that in fact this should rather be a fruitful collaboration than a battle. 

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@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

Gayane Yerkanyan will speak about her journey of breaking free from the unwritten rules, fears and challenges of working with the Armenian letters. After embracing ERRORS in her artistic practice, she compares an individual with a letter, in a way that they both need freedom from their contexts. Taking inspiration from dance and musical rhythm she finds a way to introduce visual movement in her works.

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Չկարդացվող տառագրություն

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

Not always designers select easy-to read and well-known  typefaces. Emil discusses when and why you will need to break the common typographic rules with ‘invisible fonts’. 

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The Evolution of Web Design

@ VOL 31 ON JUN 29, 2019

As nowadays having a website is an essential part of an internet presence, it is important to know the evolution of websites and web design itself. The first web page went live back in 1991. What has changed since then? What standards have evolved? How to create a structured website in a few clicks that can be a fully structured website - with the use of website builders? Ita Babayan will cover it all during her presentation.

Arsineh Valladian
Graphic Design in Yerevan
Mane Tatoulian
Graphic designer and writer in Yerevan
Gor Jihanian
Typeface designer, Typographer, Consultant
Levon Hovhannisyan
kazmir00 in Yerevan
Meliq Sofoyan
Founder, Berq Studio in Yerevan
Gayane Yerkanyan
Product Designer/Typography Artist
Emil Ter-Avetiqyants
Designer, Proper in Yerevan
Masha Hayrapetyan
Project Manager, Braind in Yerevan
Ani Tarjumanyan
Lead Designer, Braind in Yerevan
Ita Babayan
Ucraft, Chief Marketing Officer in Yerevan