Past Yerevan Event: VOL 29

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VOL 29

March 19, 2019
@ AGBU Armenia

PechaKucha Yerevan Vol. 29 is organized on Tuesday, March 19, 19:19 in partnership with Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia and Beeline Armenia within the ‘Product Bootcamp’ program. Tech entrepreneurs, educators and enthusiasts will come together under the topic “Friends with Technology” and the trademarked 20 slides x 20 seconds format.

We will explore how new technologies shape modern education, the relationships among disability, society and technology, opportunities for women in data science, the power of storytelling for development sector, innovation in festival experience, and, finally, the importance of real-world connection in the digital age. Presentations will be in English and Armenian.

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Future of telecom: to be or not to be

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

Andrey Pyatakhin's presentation titled “Future of telecom: to be or not to be” will discuss current situation on the global telecom market, the development possibilities and challenges that telecom companies are to face and overcome and the customers’ expectations in this regard.

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How changes in the world affect education

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

During his PKN talk titled “How changes in the world affect education”, Aram Pakhchanian will discuss what education should look like in the new era and how technologies are going to help the change in education happen.

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Festival Guide in Your Pocket

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

Areg Petrosyan and Yelizaveta Petrosyan present "Festival Guide in Your Pocket". 

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@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

In his presentation titled “The Computing Paradox”, Arman Sargsyan will discuss human-computer integration into a single organic system. The talk involves the science and philosophy behind the upcoming technological change, including AI & human relationship in forming a joint civilization.

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Networking with Tech

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

Ashot Khudgaryan presents about Networking with Tech.

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Don't let them FAQ you

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

Under an intriguing presentation titled “Don't let them FAQ you”, Lilit Midoyan will present their new project- an online FAQ mechanism on public services called Ask.

- What do you do in Armenia if you need to use a public service, such as registering property, getting a license or a social benefit? Well, you call someone who either knows how or knows someone else who knows how. There is vast information within the public about how to get things done at state and regional agencies. Unfortunately, though, this information is not available in a clear, comprehensible, coherent, transparent, and most importantly legalese-free fashion. These are the reasons UNDP in Armenia developed an online FAQ mechanism on public services.

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Tech education in the regions of Armenia

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

Mariam Nahapetyan discusses Tech education in the regions of Armenia.

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Disability, Society and Technology: What if?

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 19, 2019

The presentation titled “Disability, Society and Technology: What if?” will discuss the relationships among disability, society and technology by using different practical examples to show the ways in which access to the right technology can change the lives of those living with and without disabilities. Mushegh Hovsepyan will offer applicable suggestions for becoming an advocate for assistive technologies.

Areg Petrosyan
Co-founders , Festberg in Yerevan
Yelizaveta Petrosyan
Co-founder, Festberg in Yerevan
Mariam Nahapetyan
Project Manager , Dilijan Fab Lab / CBA in Yerevan
Aram Pakhchanian
Co-founder, Ayb Educational Foundation, Director of Ayb School in Yerevan in Yerevan
Ashot Khudgaryan
Chief Objectivist, The 99 in Yerevan
Mushegh Hovsepyan
Head of “Disability-Inclusive Development” NGO in Yerevan
Lilit Midoyan
Catalytic Open Governance' Project Coordinator, UNDP in Armenia in Yerevan
Andrey Pyatakhin
CEO of Beeline Armenia in Yerevan
Arman Sargsyan
Co-founder of Rendchain in Yerevan