Densifying atmosphere:

For the second time in "the shop" (der Laden) we met to celebrate the corageous and the creative individuals show their work, passions, observations.
This time slightly more of us (around 50) and a little more presentations (8), which required introducing another part of PechaKucha culture - the beer brake. Take a look how well it worked out!

After the introduction by the host, we watched a tremendously beautiful presentation from Andre' Wendler about the "Stalker" movie. Andre expanded the PechaKucha format by animating his comments on the slides supplied with natural sounds. After Andre', Josef Janac' shared his story on how he became involved with PechaKucha, and what stands behind the delicious poster for our PKN#2 that he designed. Then it came time for a true photographer: Ana Cayela Munoz who deliverd an insightful reportage from one day in Weimar through photos taken directly from her heart, with a camera fixed to her chest 24/7. Here she comes through the crowd:


Ana's walk through Weimar left us warm for the first PechaKucha beer brake in Weimar. Chat, chat and we caught a presenter for the last one! Iman Hegazy decided to drop her drawings into a PowerPoint, which she did and started off as the last presenter of the evening. Great decision, Iman! 

But before the surprise from Iman and her sketching trip to Alexandria, we were also smashed by the delivery by Jakob Stolz who told us about his excursions into video and architectural productions. One of the nicest slides, the red:

And before that, we were taken on two trips to Asia: by Jan Beckmann through his urban explorations in Beijing, China where he talked about the funny differences an European visitor may need to overcome to get to know the local people:

and by Anikesh Ashwin who took as to India by the means of his fascinating architectural and urban projects. This was a purely PechaKucha situation: Anish claimed twice at the very beginning "It will be boring" "It is just my portfolio"! Somehow, with a little of the 20x20 magic, no one was bored, on the contrary, Anikesh received the wildest applause! 

Long live PechaKucha!