On the brink of summer. Between two World Cup games. Squeezed in Radio Lotte Weimar, the fourth Pecha Kucha Night! What a delight!

The songs Panon hideung, Personal Jesus performed by the locally famous Limona Jam reminded us of the great PKN #3. The three musicians reached the peak with I feel good! which moved some of the audience towards a loud dance in the bar area of the hospitable Lesesaal at Goethe Platz 12.

The great photos of the evening by Simona Zajancauskaite are streamed here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/110288053@N04/sets/72157645103325358/.

During the evening, for the third time we hosted our good neighbor from Erfurt, Barbara Kuntze, who just a week later succesfuly launched the first PechaKucha Night in Erfurt! Huge congratulations, and let's rock Thuringia together!

Straight after the concert we received five involving presentations, each of them charged with a slightly scientific focus:

 Christiane Lewe, a PhD at the Media Faculty of the Bauhaus University presented her fascinating research on the genealogy of facebook.

Clarissa (first left) except for enjoying the nicest bar tender in the world (Sara and Carl) in a two-presenters presentation shared her perception of the Merketal dormitory juxtaposed with the impressions of the Jakobsplan by Simona Z.

The travelling architect Joshua Raff enriched our evening by his story on learning Chineese by the means of sharp hand drawings,

while Carlos Sandoval of Mexico took us into his hipster photo story charged with explosive sense of humour.

The evening was topped with the brilliant trio of Fabulous Jakobsplan who invited us all to participate in their participatory research about the only scyscraper of Weimar - the Jakobsplan dormitory. Who knows where will we end up in September! 

Thanks to all for your great support and see you next time! 

This was good!

And it all started with a magnificent concerto of the delicious trio: Limona Jam: Ammalia Podlaszewska + Daniele Agretti + Alex Osipenko. Taste it in a short glimpse!

This was an allover dream come true evening! We had local musicians performing together for the first time, we landed on a spectacular venue on a roof top of our city, we reached the magic 10 presentations and our audience keeps on growing!

Right after the sunset, we had Rubén Robledo Ibáñez showing us his reportage photos from the Gaza Stripe where he spent several weeks among befriended Palestinians.

Geographically not afar, the next was Athina Stefani from Greece who involved us in her story about Ludwig Wittgenstein's house, told by the mean her own drawings authored throughout the nights before Friday:

And then it happened: the Italian-Swedish team of laughter monsters (Sara Ferraioli + Carl Ydergård) stretched our cheeks to a high level of pain with their rythmic story on how Daniele, who happened to be the guitarrist at the same evening, made his career instead of playing football. A series of 20 photomontages made us laugh through the whole 400 seconds:

This was not all! Sara couldn't stop just at one presentation.. An involving walk through the streets of Naples followed, filled with street art:

After a smooth beer brake extended through the stunning views over Weimar:

we took off again. This time Rika Tarigan from Indonesia engaged us with her designs of modern applications of the batik textile technique. Filtered through the cultural background of Indonesian fariy tales we were covered up with 20 splendid and very colorful images:

Right after some colder recollections of the last winter arrived to us from Sankt Petersburg through Lithuania in the person of the delightful pianist Simona Zajancauskaite. The first musician to present images on PKN in Weimar! Stark congratulations for the courage! We were all touched by the transcontinental message instilled in the 20 slides under the title tandem, nothing is black and white anymore.

The message pointing towards a possible European-Russian friendship was carried on by the presentation by Iman Hegazy (Egipt) and Tatiana Reshetnikova - the Urban Sketchers Weimar. In a series of speedy sketches we discovered some beautiful locations from Russia, Egypt and Weimar. Thank you and good luck with engaging more sketchers in your group! 

The reportages from cold Russia made a perfect ground for the next story to come - this time by the PKN city-organizer himself. Gall Podlaszewski uncovered his winterly "cultural production": the Weimar Winter Bad - a series of Monday baths in the river of Ilm taking place under winter atmospheric conditions. The involvement of some other participants proved that the idea of swimming in the winter is not Bad at all! Here, the end of first season (photo by Simona Zajancauskaite who got up on a cold morning very early just to take this photo. What a brave daughter!):

Right afterwards we had another swap of functions - now Tereza Spindlerova - the second city-organizer came out of her mixxer pult and took over the mic to tell us the development of her Spanish blog - a poetic journey supported by 20 almost abstract urban images:

The splendid series of 10 presentations was closed, or rather opened up by the enigmatic Mr. Grüter, who did it just as we like - decided to present just at the same evening, bringing his presentation on a usb stick. Here Mr. Grüter seizes the audience with his magic pencil:

Thank you all for the great fun we had that night!!

Full photo album is available here:

author: Simona Zajancauskaite: on flickr

author: Gall Podlaszewski: on facebook

Now, after a winter brake; PechaKucha comes back - directly from the sky! A lighthouse-like landmark attracted us magnetically and here we are: in the glass box on top of the Limona library. As envisaged on the beautiful poster by Marc López, our third PechaKucha takes place just near the skies...

Take the lift (from the asphalt square) to the top of limona and let your presentation skills go high! 

Enjoy listening and watching the speakers on the background of a splendid view over Weimar!

Send your presentation by 23.04 to pknweimar@gmail.com!

Friday, 25.03.2014, starting at 20.00 with a cheerful concert by Ammalia and Daniele.

Densifying atmosphere:

For the second time in "the shop" (der Laden) we met to celebrate the corageous and the creative individuals show their work, passions, observations.
This time slightly more of us (around 50) and a little more presentations (8), which required introducing another part of PechaKucha culture - the beer brake. Take a look how well it worked out!

After the introduction by the host, we watched a tremendously beautiful presentation from Andre' Wendler about the "Stalker" movie. Andre expanded the PechaKucha format by animating his comments on the slides supplied with natural sounds. After Andre', Josef Janac' shared his story on how he became involved with PechaKucha, and what stands behind the delicious poster for our PKN#2 that he designed. Then it came time for a true photographer: Ana Cayela Munoz who deliverd an insightful reportage from one day in Weimar through photos taken directly from her heart, with a camera fixed to her chest 24/7. Here she comes through the crowd:


Ana's walk through Weimar left us warm for the first PechaKucha beer brake in Weimar. Chat, chat and we caught a presenter for the last one! Iman Hegazy decided to drop her drawings into a PowerPoint, which she did and started off as the last presenter of the evening. Great decision, Iman! 

But before the surprise from Iman and her sketching trip to Alexandria, we were also smashed by the delivery by Jakob Stolz who told us about his excursions into video and architectural productions. One of the nicest slides, the red:

And before that, we were taken on two trips to Asia: by Jan Beckmann through his urban explorations in Beijing, China where he talked about the funny differences an European visitor may need to overcome to get to know the local people:

and by Anikesh Ashwin who took as to India by the means of his fascinating architectural and urban projects. This was a purely PechaKucha situation: Anish claimed twice at the very beginning "It will be boring" "It is just my portfolio"! Somehow, with a little of the 20x20 magic, no one was bored, on the contrary, Anikesh received the wildest applause! 

Long live PechaKucha!

PKN Weimar - landed !

Soo, finally it happened! PechaKucha took off in Weimar, and der Laden was fully packed! Thank you all for coming! It was a special night for many reasons - it was a PechaKucha, it was for the first time in Weimar, and it was a Global Night with over hundred cities running PechaKuchas at the same time. For the start we had great fun to hear from the host, Martin Bomba about the open character of the venue that hosted the event: Der Laden gives space for your ideas and activities!

Soon after that, the co-funder of PechaKucha Weimar made us all laugh to a series of hilarious GIFs questioning the everyday expectations addressing the academics. To our joy, the audience was incredibly mixed! Next to students as Weimar is a student city we had many rooted activists and also some curious inhabitants. Weimar invited!

At the next 20x20 we had the pleasure the to listen to a real Local Heroin, Daniela Schwarz, who is a professional child minder (Tagesmutter). With six children of her own she is running a small kindergarten for 10 children, among them my own daughter, all incorporating the Montessori education philosphy. In a beautiful storyline Mrs Dani unveiled some playful ideas. It takes a lot of courage to step out of ones field and speak in front of 50 young creatives! Special congratulations!

The last presentation was a silent one due to the philosophy of silence practiced by Frollein Motte. The Beer Brake was this time a closing one. We didnt make it this time to join the big google hangout wave. Don-t trust technology too much! And see you next time, around November? Remember, it is all up to us! :)

Ammalia, Aisha, thank you for the photos! 

„Local Heroes – Lokale Helden“

Am 20.09.13 findet um 20:20 Uhr im 'Laden' (Trierer Straße 5) Weimars erste PECHA KUCHA NIGHT statt: ein Abend voller bunter Präsentationen im 20x20-Format.

Ähnliche Veranstaltungen ereignen sich zeitgleich in über 100 weiteren Städten auf der ganzen Welt und verbinden sich zum globalen PECHA KUCHA Netzwerk. Alle Bürger_innen Weimars sind wärmsten eingeladen, selbst Teil dieses Netzwerks zu werden und mit einem eigenen Beitrag teilzunehmen.

Hinter PECHA KUCHA (japanisch: wirres Geplauder, Stimmengewirr) steckt ein Präsentationsformat, eine Veranstaltungsreihe und ein globales Netzwerk. Vor 10 Jahren nahm es in Tokio seinen Anfang. Die Architekt_innen Astrid Klein und Mark Dytham hatten genug von langatmigen akademischen Vorträgen und öden Power-Point-Präsentationen. Für ihre eigenen Vorträge gaben sie sich also einen straffen Rahmen: 20 Power-Point-Folien, die im 20-SekundenRhytmus automatisch wechseln. 6 Minuten und 40 Sekunden Redezeit, nicht mehr.

Diese Vorgabe ist streng, aber es ist die einzige. Darüberhinaus sprengt PECHA KUCHA jeden Rahmen. In den vergangenen Jahren verbreitete sich das Format auf der ganzen Welt und fand Anklang in Universitäten und auch in der Wirtschaft. Doch vor allem entstanden in über 600 Städten regelmäßige PECHA KUCHA NIGHTS. Es sind informelle Events in lockerer Atmosphäre, abseits vom akademischen oder professionellem Umfeld. Hier darf jede/r mitmachen und über das sprechen, was gefällt. Leidenschaften, Ideen, Projekte, Fotos, Selbstgemachtes... Alles ist möglich und erwünscht!

Das Publikum darf sich über bunte, bildreiche, kurzweilige und amüsante Vorträge freuen. Das garantiert einen unterhaltsamen Abend voller neuer Eindrücke!

PECHA KUCHA NIGHTS sind ehrenamtlich organisierte Veranstaltungen ohne kommerzielles Interesse. Die Veranstaltung wird vor allem von der Idee getragen, einen Ort und all seine Bewohner_innen in Kontakt zu bringen. Daher läuft die erste PECHA KUCHA NIGHT in Weimar am 20. September im 'Laden' (Trierer Straße 5, ab 20:20 Uhr) unter dem Oberthema 'Local Heroes – Lokale Helden'. Präsentationen können sich an diesem Thema orientieren, müssen sie aber nicht.

Einzige Vorgabe ist eine Power-Point-Präsentation mit 20 Folien, die idealerweise mit Vortragstitel bis zum 17.09.13 per Mail beim Veranstaltungsteam eingereicht wird: pknweimar@gmail.com

Alle Bürger_innen Weimars sind wärmstens eingeladen, sich zu beteiligen. Auch als interessiertes Publikums ist jede/r herzlich willkommen!

PKN Weimar ist eine bilinguale Veranstaltung, also Vorträge auf Deutsch sowie auf English sind wilkommen!

Herstellung der Pressemitteilung von Christiane Lewe

Hop hop hop! 

The Weimar co-op is going on well forward! With the new poster designed by Tereza we took off to catch the attention of potential speakers for the first PKN in Weimar. The response is good: we already gathered 6 confirmations from presenters which gives a nice minimum for a good PechaKucha to take place! This means there are only 6 more places left as we think to limit the evening to 12 presentations. At some special point we will also connect with Tokio during the Global Wave!

Dear Pecha Kucha Community!

I have the joy to announce that green light for Weimar has been turned on in Tokyo! The gap between Hamburg and Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt, Paris and Warsaw has been filled in!
We are building up our small local team and preparing to join the network on the next BIG day of 20th September. You will hear and see from us more soon.
But now, enjoy the summer!