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Hipster Photos

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 28, 2014

Carlos González - exciting, fresh, smart.. architect? photographer? For sure it is easier to find adjectives than nouns to describe this man. Carlos tells many hilarious stories. This time a scientific introduction to his manual on HOW TO MAKE HIPSTER PHOTOS!

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Chinese is Not Easy

@ VOL 4 ON JUN 28, 2014

Josh Raff fit into our scientific detour perfectly! In his 400 seconds he takes us on an innovative course of Chinese language: by the means of his drawings. Joshua is a traveling  architect collecting experiences in the States, China, and now in Weimar. Now, twist your tongues!

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Wittgenstein's House

@ VOL 3 ON APR 25, 2014

Architecture student Athina Stefani from Greece involves us in her story about Ludwig Wittgenstein's house, by the means of her own, architecturally-philosophical drawings made in the nights leading up to this presentation. 

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F**k Football, I'll Be A...

@ VOL 3 ON APR 25, 2014

The Italian-Swedish team of laughter monsters (Sara Ferraioli + Carl Ydergård) tell their rhythmic story of how Daniele -- who happened to be the guitarist at the same evening -- made his career doing something other than playing football.

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@ VOL 3 ON APR 25, 2014

In her involving presentation Rika Tarigan, an Indonesian designer practicing in Germany, unveils her secret workshop where in an enchanting way she reinvents the traditional technique of batik in order to apply it in a modern way in story telling and in product design. Enjoy!



PKN Weimar #4 Radio Lotte

On the brink of summer. Between two World Cup games. Squeezed in Radio Lotte Weimar, the fourth Pecha Kucha Night! What a delight!

The songs Panon hideung, Personal Jesus performed by the locally famous Limona Jam reminded us of the great PKN #3. The three musicians reached the peak with I feel good! which moved some of the audience towards a loud dance in the bar area of the hospitable Lesesaal at Goethe Platz 12.

The great photos of the evening by Simona Zajancauskaite are streamed here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/110288053@N04/sets/72157645103325358/.
During the evening, for the third time we hosted our good neighbor from Erfurt, Barbara Kuntze, who just a week later succesfuly launched the first PechaKucha Night in Erfurt! Huge congratulations, and let's rock Thuringia together!
Straight after the concert we received five involving presentations, each of them charged with a slightly scientific focus:

 Christiane Lewe, a PhD at the Media Faculty of the Bauhaus University presented her fascinating research on the genealogy of facebook.

Clarissa (first left) except for enjoying the nicest bar tender in the world (Sara and Carl) in a two-presenters presentation shared her perception of the Merketal dormitory juxtaposed with the impressions of the Jakobsplan by Simona Z.

The travelling architect Joshua Raff enriched our evening by his story on learning Chineese by the means of sharp hand drawings,

while Carlos Sandoval of Mexico took us into his hipster photo story charged with explosive sense of humour.

The evening was topped with the brilliant trio of Fabulous Jakobsplan who invited us all to participate in their participatory research about the only scyscraper of Weimar - the Jakobsplan dormitory. Who knows where will we end up in September! Thanks to all for your great support and see you next time! 

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