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We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!

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Seven Years in Laos - A Teachers Learning Journey

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2017

The often quoted maxim, “I went out as a teacher and came back a student” so aptly pertains to Julia Mitchell ‘s life in Laos, the country she has made her home. Embracing the culture and language, and forming lasting bonds with friends, transformed her stay from one year to seven. Julia’s vibrant story is infused with humour and pathos as she tells why this country has won her heart.

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All the World´s a Stage

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2017

In this context Rachael Phiasananaxy is very much at home. A belief in the power of theatre, to change lives and build communities, has been central to her life-long involvement in this diffuse and multifaceted art. Her story resonates with the beliefs and diversity at the heart of her theatre experiences.


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Let your Heart be Water

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2017

Sandra invites the audience, at the conclusion of her presentation, to focus on her eyes and remain so. There is a palpable silence in the room. We remain fixed.  This demonstration of  how to connect deeply with another resonates with the belief that Sandra holds, “magic happens simply through holding space for each other and allowing ourselves to connect deeply”. NamChai Community Center Vientiane, founded by Sandra, is such a space.

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Vientianale on the Road

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2017

When the Vientianale film-festival turns off the lights for another year, so begins 'Vientianale on the Road'. Helene Ouvard takes us on the road less travelled through Lao provinces from Bokeo to Champassak. Stopping at villages and schools, where make-shift screens are set up, or in reclaimed halls, we witness the sheer excitement of those taking part in a film workshop, or enjoying the best of recent Lao films.

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My Place in Vientiane

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2017

Kathryn Sweet, a long-term resident of Vientiane, considers her relationships with people, places, and memories as she locates her place in this community. Those who inhabit her everyday life (including cats), those remembered and encountered, provide a sense of belonging.


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The pleasures of road running in Pyongyang

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2017

Vera Scholz’s evocation of the 'pleasures’ associated with running in North Korea don’t exactly fit the stereotypical lens through which we are encouraged to view this somewhat secretive country. As this story unravels we learn the running event is secondary to Vera’s “self-delusional quest to look behind the scenes”, as she so succinctly expresses it. This captivating narrative is embedded in every image.


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Matryoshka's Secret


Cristina Szemere Enderlin weaves us a story that takes us into the world of a young woman coming through adolescence. This talk is a true feast for the senses with each hand-painted slide illuminating the beautiful story of this young woman. Listen as she moves from spaces inside her mind, to the world around her, through memories and into forests of fear and fantasy.

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Global Peace


Michael Boddington shared with us his vision for a peaceful future. He explained his standpoint through his many experiences, specifically through his work to eradicate the remnants of war that are the unexploded ordinances that continue to cause devastation throughout south-east asia and especially Laos. It was inspiring to hear his solutions to the problem of war and poignant in that he asked us to 'start with ourselves'.



Petcha Kucha Vol. 8#

Petcha Kucha Vientiane Volume 8#
We are excited to be holding our 8th Petcha Kucha evening in Vientiane, at The League of Brewers, Vientiane.
We have 10 speakers who will be presenting on the theme as followers:
Random and informal.
 A chance encounter, with a person, a country, an idea; can change, how we think, who we are.
 Ongoing encounters with people and places; can inspire what we do, how we live.
We are looking forward to a diverse and inspiring group of presenters who will reveal their "encounters" in life.
Ildikó Hámos-Sohlo
Martin Rathie
Sanghyun Jung
Family Presentation: Mair Hyman, Marie-Do Hyman-Boneu, Zephyr, Mayo, and Sayo
Thongdy Phommavongsa
Anna Forsén
Kelvin Wee
Ruth Foster
Steven Cleary
Sengdavy  Phanthavong
We thank artist Jamie Lowe for his wonderful poster.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Catherine O'Brien

    An Australian living in Vientiane my life is Art, Literature and Travel. Opening a gallery in Laos has brought all this together. None of this would have been possible without the support of many people. Pechakucha continues the journey.

  • Anja Vroegop

    Anja is originally from Auckland, NZ. With a formal background in Anthropology she is interested in people and places, and how the two affect each other. Working for the last 5 years in Behaviour Change and events, Anja brings what she knows of Pecha Kucha Auckland to the Vientiane scene.