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We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!

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Lessons from learning Danish – starting with a Danish Danish

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 11, 2019

Eva Hoppner talks about her journey of moving to Denmark and her experience of conquering a new language. 

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@ VOL 4 ON MAR 26, 2019

What does that actually mean? Humor is a tool to make people react, respond and overall to feel something. To give a smile to get a smile. It can make you feel like you were slapped in the face and still you laugh. Someone said. Humor is the mask of wisdom. Let´s see. Vivi Schlägelberger explains.

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The Art of Gift Giving

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 22, 2019

This presentation is a short story about Jules Aufdembrinke's interest in the visual presentation of things.

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@ VOL 3 ON JAN 22, 2019

Eng: Henrik's presentation is about the necessity of the conflict for change - and about seeking inspiration where everyday life is and exhibiting to move forward in the process.
Danish: Mit oplæg handler om konfliktens nødvendighed til forandring - og om at søge inspiration der hvor hverdagen er og udstille for at komme videre i processen
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Improv: 2019 Predictions

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 22, 2019

This is an improvisational PechaKucha with Megan Blair and Mathew Boyle, both brand designers at the LEGO Group. Megan grabbed a bunch crazy images and put them under the theme “Predictions for 2019”. Matenjoys doing stand-up comedy on occasion and had to present this on-the-spot—with no idea what the theme or images were in advance!

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Guld og Kaos

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 22, 2019

Mit oplæg handler om historien bag vores arkæologiske udstilling ”Guld og Kaos”. I år 536 e.Kr. indtraf en serie vulkanudbrud, der skabte en lille istid med en formørket sol, frost om sommeren – alt i alt voldsomme klimaforandringer som fik store konsekvenser for mennesker i jernalderen. Måske har de overlevende fortalt historien videre og måske kan trådene til Fimbulvinteren, optakten til Ragnarok – trækkes tilbage til lige netop denne tid !

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@ VOL 3 ON JAN 22, 2019

A return to romanticism. Going beyond the cynical, sarcastic, and escapist themes of the modern era.

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An artists journey with traditional and digital media

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 18, 2018

Traditional and digital sculpting both have great benefits and weaknesses.

Here Jason Moreno shares what he loves about both.



City Focus: Vejle

This week's 
City Focus features one of PechaKucha Night's newest cities, Vejle. Located in Denmark, Vejle is known for its stunning scenery and historical contributions to the arts. Not only is Vejle celebrated for its natural beauty, it also has some of the most unique yet modern infrastructure in Denmark. Having recently hosted their very first PechaKucha Night last month, PKN Vejle is ready to share their creative ideas with the world! Once again, welcome to the PechaKucha community. Go, Vejle!

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About the City's Organizers

  • Fatema Barot Mota

    A Communication Designer of Indian origin and diverse creative interests from writing, illustration, animation, typography, graphic design, crafts and performing arts. Currently works as a Sr. Art Director at LEGO and lives with her husband in Denmark. Finds huge inspiration in people around and their creative pursuits.

  • Roberta Sandri

    Creative Manager @LEGO by day, passionate Monster Maker @musirosa by night. In love with space talking, graphic designing, puzzle solving, music experimenting, people meeting, travel planning and occasional napping.

  • Jules Aufdembrinke

    I love creative topics and bringing people together - hence helping to organise PechaKucha Nights in Vejle makes perfect sense. Additionally, the idea of finding new inspiration, receiving all these introductions to ways of creative thinking I haven't discovered yet makes this format so compelling and every second invested worthwhile.