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Lobby doors open at 6:30; show starts at 7:30.

Tickets go on sale Sept. 26th at 10am through Eventbrite. pknvan50.eventbrite.ca

Marianne Amodio - Principal Architect, MA+HG
Caroline Boquist - Co-owner, Walrus

Laurie Arbuthnot - Natural Perfumer, Wild Coast Perfumery
Annabelle Choi - Creative Eating Designer / Facilitator, Annabelle Choi Studio
Kim Guise - Television Executive, TELUS Storyhive
Hilary Henegar & Fiona Rayher - Founders, Hoovie
Kari Kristensen - Artist / Printmaker
Trixie Ling - Social Entrepreneur, Flavours of Hope
Jeff Martin - Furniture Designer, Jeff Martin Joinery
Kenneth Ormandy - Typographic Developer / Type Designer, Kenneth Ormandy Inc.
Marc Schutzbank - Executive Director, Fresh Roots
Sonia Strobel - Co-Founder, Skipper Otto
Cathy Terepocki - Ceramic Artist / Designer, Cathy Terepocki Ceramics

With more announcements to come!

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@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Shira McDermott is a Vancouver-based business owner who mills her own flour.

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One Girl and a Plant

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Twenty years ago, Pedro Villalon's deal with a girl kicked off a journey across mountains and villages; it also started a deep relationship with a certain plant that quenches the thirst of billions of people.

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Walking With My Ancestors

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Nicole Preissl, an Indigenous designer from Vancouver takes us along her journey in discovering her relationship to the land and its stories. Nicole shares the culture and history of the First Peoples through interactive walks along the streets of False Creek. She uses rope-making with plant materials as a way to connect participants with the land around them and each other. In the end, these are not to be read as utilitarian tools, but tools for the transportation of stories.

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A Dressing the Future

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Nicole Dextras creates all sorts of characters in her shared studio on Granville Island. She worked for 10 years as a set and costume designer for local theatre companies and she eventually found her true passion in environmental art and working with ephemeral plant-based materials. Her process is driven by experimentation and she is known for working with unconventional materials. “While it may be impractical to wear clothing made from leaves, our future depends on the growth of sustainable resources.”

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Apis Mellifera; the Honey Bearing Bee

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

What is honey? What do honey bees get up to in the hive? What is really is happening when bees swarm? Aside from honey what else do bees make? Melissa Cartwright will answer these questions as well as share other fascinating tidbits about honey, bees, and the plants they rely on.

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Weekend Flowers

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Kate Freeman grows flowers for the purpose of using them in her homespun floral design studio. Weekend Flowers was bred out of creative interest, but Kate also considers environmental sustainability at every step. She thinks there is an opportunity to appreciate flowers grown locally for attributes other than the standards set by the global industry. Kate will be talking about a few of her favourites, as well as some of the quirks that come along with doing a country thing in the city.

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From Cultivation to Consumption: The Cannabis Journey

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

What should cannabis consumers (from the canna-curious to the canna-confident) care about when it comes to the cannabis supply chain and consumption experience? A journey from cultivation through to consumption as told through the perspective of Emma Andrews, a Holistic Nutritionist and canna-enthusiast, who pivoted her career into the emerging legal cannabis economy. Cannabis shares a lot more commonalities with our food system than you may think!

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My Teacher, the Mushroom

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Camille Flanjak is a facilitator who uses play, hands-on exercises, thoughtful discussion, and lots of weird metaphors to connect people with food and land. Under the inspiration of the ‘mycelial web’ Camille and her students connect with the earth, deepen their relationships and practice self-interrogation and intersectional compassion. Mushrooms called her into the gateway of the natural world at a very young age, and this presentation is the story of why she finds them so compelling.



Leave My Heart in Vancouver

"I wanted to take a risk and try something new."
Leave My Heart in Vancouver from PechaKucha Night Vancouver Vol. 28, After an experimental phase in her youth, Shawna Olstenlonged for a marketing spot in the action sports industry. She only had one, tiny stipulation: she had to do so in the city of Vancouver. Here Shawna speaks of her trials, triumphs, but mostly her gratitude to the city that raised her. 

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About the City's Organizers

  • Becki Chan

    As a designer, I have worked in a range of disciplines, including brand interiors, exhibitions, public installations and jewellery design. In addition, I am the editor of The Proof on VancouverIsAwesome. I love my community in Vancouver. I am thrilled to be an organizer for our PechaKucha Nights!