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@ VOL 2 ON MAY 26, 2019

Listen to Emma Inganäs tell  her story of courage and strengh. During her presentation -- Woundfulness – Emma shares what has inspired her to go from a sexually abused teenager with suicidal thoughts to a life full of living, responsibility and curiosity. She will tell us why your wound is probably not your fault, but the healing is your responsibility.

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A Journey in time with bow and arrow

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 17, 2019

Having Robin Hood as a hero can get you in trouble with the Sherriff but it can also take you on a journey of discovery with bows and arrows. What is it to hunt for your own food in New Zealand or learn to build you own hunting tools? Henrik Thurfjell knows and shares with us his fantastic adventure – one that now he shares with his family.

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Acceptance of self

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 17, 2019

In this journey of transformation and self-discovery, Manuel Timane shares in a poetic rhythm the ups and downs of self-love.  He shows us why it takes courage to look deep inside our souls and humbleness to accept that we are perfect just as we are.
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To paint is my journey - Att måla är min resa

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 17, 2019

How does an 8-year-old tell her story? Li Forsberg knows a way that captures the audience imagination and takes us through fabulous storytelling of colours and texture. Her story starts when she was 1 and started to express herself with colours. Today she is an accomplished young artist, and her story is only beginning.