Past Umeå Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

April 26, 2017
@ Elite Hotel Mimer

Eight super interesting people will speak. Good ideas will be presented. Good food and drinks will be served. What more? Be sure to be there. Welcome!

Anastasia Potehina. Born in Tjita, Russia. Now lives in Umeå and works as a dance instructor. Also competes in dance with her team GDS (Great Dance Show).

Felix Wink. Teaches and works in wood craft. Creates his own brand of furniture and sculptures in wood, with the philosophy that he wants them to maintain for a long time and that the owners will form an emotional bond to them.

Oskar Bergqvist. Runs the nonprofit org. Digital Spelkultur (digital games culture) that strives to better the image of videogame culture. Runs a gaming convention where the most important goal is to make everyone feel welcome, from veterans to complete beginners.

Eva Sagerfors. Has a civil engineering degree in molecular biology at Umeå University. Worked for FOI (the Swedish Defence Research Agency) until 2015. Now does journalistic work for Epoch Times.

--Interactive break with Falun Gong--

Leena Naqvi. Interior designer, born and educated in Pakistan. Founder of The-Eat-Project in Umeå which explores food and eating through a cultural lens. Works for the Red Cross in Umeå and moreover, is a part of the PechaKucha-team!

Gustav Orvefors. Educated in filmmaking at Bradford and Umeå universities. With Samuel Olsson he runs JAQ Studios, creator of infomercials, short films and music videos.

Patricia Alvarado/Jessika Walker. About Jessica; Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Studied Business Adm., graphic design and marketing in Mexico City and worked on confe-rences, trade shows and on graphic design there. Later moved to Umeå. Both are deeply engaged in IKF.

Maria Persson. Graphical designer from Umeå. Her project ’Dagens Dam’ (dame of the day) profiles women in history along with portrait sketches made by her.

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