PKN#15 - Tromsø

Thanks to the presenters, DJ, audience and the co-organizers and helpers for a great PKN at Kurant yesterday!

Inspiring, important, interesting, insistent stories were told - from Aggie's very personal and beautiful favourite things to Silje's poetic words accompaning the extremely harsh pictures from the reality of house demolitions, and the hope and hard work of the project of the Freedom Theatre, told by Jonatan. We also got to know about several events and projects taking place in Tromsø, and Northern Norway: art festival and home performances, chess olympics and creative innovation festival - here is Huibert's presentation about Arctic Festival.

And here are some snap shots, better pics will come up soon:

Hanne on Hammerfest, Huibert on multi media, Jonatan on freedom theatre and Børge on chess.

Anne Katrine on home made performance, Bjørnar on city development and Jonas on symbioses.

Aggie on favourites, Ole on kystens hus, Sindre on cheese and Silje on house demolitions.