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25 MAY


First Pecha Kucha Night in Trenčín is here! 

First Pecha Kucha Night in Trenčín is here! 

Come and enjoy our first Pecha Kucha Night event with main focus on City of Trenčín and its culture. We are really grateful that our invites were accepted by people who care about this city and who are trying to build culture and good environment in it. First Pecha Kucha Night in Trenčín will take place together with city design market Trenčín na Korze. 

Our main question is: What is culture, design and art for Trenčín? 

Do you want to know the answer? Just come and enjoy. 


.Ivan Ježík

.Martin Beďatš

.TRAKT / števan Oliš a Lukáš Matejka

. ArtKino Metro / Hana Kutiková a Brnaislav Holý 

. Michaela a Pavol Prekopovci

. Hlava *****

. Michal Rafaj 

. Nová Vlna / Martin Dorot

. Galéria M.A. Bazovského / Barbora Varga Petríková a Radka Nedomová

. Lucia Kotrhová / TedX Trenčín

No presenters have been added to this event.