Who's Driving this Thing?!

So really, who's driving this thing?! 

Now that the first of our events in under our belts we want to reach out and tell you a little about why we are excited about PKN!
First at bat - Crystal Gale Phelps!
Hey - I'm Crystal - an artist and lady-boss here in Toledo. I jumped into organizing PKN as a volunteer in 2010 because I experienced PKN in other cities and thought Toledo could benefit from the experience. Toledo deserves an event format that is not stuffy and full of pressure - an event with the ability to share their ideas in a relaxed way. Nothing else here is quite like it, making it a great fit for Toledo. 
Next up - the rookie - Maureen Brogan!
Hey! I'm Maureen - a facebook posting, event planning, dance party destroying geek in Toledo. I met Crystal through a friend named Kim - another lady-boss and former organizer of PKN Toledo. I showed up at their event hosted at Toledo Museum of Art and knew I wanted to be a part of the awesome feeling this event brings to my city. Born and raised in Toledo I grew up with the idea that there was nothing to do here. As I become an adult (let's be honest - it's an ongoing process for us all) I continue to meet amazing people making things happen. Forget that boring idea that there is nothing to do - make your own waves! I'm excited for the wave PKN has made and will continue to make here in Toledo!