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Jason Bruges Studio is internationally renowned for producing innovative installations, interventions and ground breaking artworks. They use a high-tech mixed-media palette to explore spectacle, time-based interventions and dynamic spatial experiences that connect people with their environment. Considered a pioneer of the hybrid in-between space between art, architecture and technology, Jason has subsequently paved the way for a new genre of design studios, artists and designer-makers. 

The team have recently finished working on a number of high-profile projects including an epic installation for Hull UK City of Culture, in which over 20 industrial robots performed choreographies with light. Earlier this year they revealed three immersive installations for the Life in the Dark exhibition at the Natural History Museum and some of their most celebrated pieces include a site-specific light installation based in the main nave of York Minster and an immersive artwork in Denmark that represents 12 million migratory birds and their unique habitat. 

In 2002 Jason set up his own practice and now works with a talented team of people to develop and deliver interactive projects worldwide. The studio comprises of an experienced team of architects, engineers, industrial designers and computational designers as well as specialists in electronics, programming and project management. 

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The Garden Studio

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 02, 2013

Bill Teeple speaks about his love for the beauty of art and gardening. He hopes to combine his two passions and explore the possibilities in the art of gardening.  

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Collective Movement of Indonesian Netlabels

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 23, 2014

Anitha Silvia explains in depth that, Indonesian Netlabel Union is a collective movement of the Indonesian netlabels for introducing the existence of free legal music from Indonesia into a wider range; offline and online. The first step begins with a series of compilation albums released simultaneously on January 1st, 2011 with five active netlabels. They held workshops for raising awareness on this movement and also Indonesia Netaudio Festival event. 

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Studio Christchurch: CityUps

@ VOL 21 ON NOV 23, 2014

Architectural professor and head of Studio Christchurch Uwe Reiger showcases CityUps, a temporary future city created by over 200 architecture students as part of Christchurch's Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA).

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Playing with Colour

@ VOL 15 ON FEB 04, 2016

"Colour often comes down to strategically finding the moments that change in a faster time scale." 

In Playing with Colour from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 15, the artist/designer team of Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster (known as BACKOFFICE) talk about their recent project, LINE GARDEN. In 2014 Jamrozik and Kempster used 500 wooden stakes to weave a mile of colourful plastic barrier tape into an occupiable, abstract field at the International Garden Festival at Reford Gardens/Les Jardins de Métis. They speak about the making of the installation, LINE GARDEN, and it’s adaptation for the 2015 edition of the festival, together with other related projects.

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FIRST Robotics Competition: Building the Next Generation of Thinkers, Tinkers, and Leaders One Robot at a Time

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 16, 2017

Madeline Dale, a Lakeshore High School junior, shares how the FIRST Robotics community is helping to build future technology leaders by using her own team and personal experience as an example. Madeline is entering her third year of participation on Team Lance-A-Bot, FRC Team 4237. FIRST Robotics is taking the world by storm with programs for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Find out what students are up to in southwest Michigan and beyond.

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Starting a DIY Festival Movement

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 20, 2017

Manda Kaye shares how she started her own DIY Death Festival in Blackheath, Blue Mountains.

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Clovis Botanical Garden & The Plans for the Children's Garden

@ VOL 34 ON NOV 28, 2018

Ree Coy presents about the Clovis Botanical Garden and their plans for a Children's Garden.

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Light and Sound Installation Coded Field

@ TOKYO TOKYO FESTIVAL スペシャル13 プレゼンテーションフォーラム, POWERED BY PECHAKUCHA ON AUG 27, 2019