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Comes Cake

Image Lab, Comes Cake in Tokyo

Never the Same Twice


Image Laboratory Comes Cake uses different techniques like collage, photography, vector art and every technique that could contribute to creating an image through constant experimentation.  Comes Cake seeks to one day design an image so powerful it will live longer than their creators. 

イメージラボラトリィComes Cakeは、コラージュ、写真、ベクターアートなど、様々な手法を使い、実験的な創作活動をしています。Comes Cakeは、パワフルで息の長い作品を生み出すことを目指しています。

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@ VOL 2 ON MAY 08, 2013

PinaPardo is an emerging trademark, faces subjects like Fashion&Textile Crafts, collage and visuals project. You can learn much more about in

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Arab Image Foundation

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@ VOL 21 ON DEC 10, 2014

Hala Tawil talks about the Arab Image Foundation, dedicated to the collection, preservation and study of photography from the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab Diaspora. The tale of a foundation that acts as an open resource for research, scholarly, artistic and curatorial initiatives, engaging in the study and critical inquiry of photographic and archival practices. Inspiring!

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The Future Laboratory

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 19, 2016

In this PechaKucha talk given by Kirsty Minns of the Future Laboratory at Vol 12 of the London PechaKucha Series, Kirsty gives the audience an insight to her creative mind - and what a magical creative place that is! 

Kirsty's job is to predict the future and it is not just full of flying skateboards, oh no, it is much much more!

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Collage City

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

"An architect, it seems, has to be an optimist and idealist. That by building we're somehow making the world a better place. But before you need buildings, you need people."

In Collage City from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 17, artist, designer, realtor and retired paramedic, Jean-Michel Reed, shares stories and perceptions of Buffalo, New York as an intimate outsider. Reed moved to Buffalo in 1992, working first as a paramedic, and later transitioning to both a designer and a realtor as the city attempted an about face. Cites are made first of people, and then within those individual people, of experiences. It is this combination of convergent and divergent experiences that construct the sociological makeup of place and city, which, in turn manufactures the physical landscape. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016.

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Designing a Laboratory: Art, Architecture, and the Founding of Fermilab

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 10, 2016

"The sculpture that straddles the lab's entrance appears symmetrical when viewed from below but asymmetrical from all over views, reflecting the view of broken symmetry that is crucial in modern physics."

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory looks like no other science lab on Earth—thanks to the vision of founding director Robert Wilson and artist Angela Gonzales. Under their aesthetic direction, architecture, sculpture, color, and design combined to produce a lab that was revolutionary for its time. In Designing a Laboratory: Art, Architecture, and the Founding of Fermilab from PechaKucha Night Batavia Vol. 5Katie Yurkewicz shows off another side of the legendary physics lab.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2017.

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Image Tag

@ VOL 28 ON NOV 08, 2017

Brighton city organiser Woody, shares her recent experiment of image tag. She sent out one image, without telling the recipient anything about and they were in invited to respond in kind with a snapshot, old or new.  Here's what happened.

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Craft as Work and Image

@ VOL 38 ON NOV 08, 2018

Justyn Denney is a New Zealand based photographer with 15 years professional experience in commercial, fine art, and documentary photography. This PechaKucha explores her experience documenting New Zealand craftsman as well as the relationship between the work and craft in image as a tool for both appreciation and preservation.

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Photography as image and process

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 27, 2019

At the 17th instalment of PechaKucha London, Adam told us all a standout story showcasing his amazing images of an untrained architect's (i.e. a normal person) unique approach to architecture. 

Adam uses his photography to convey how an image is something between document and process. And what a fine job of it he does! 

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Same Same But Different

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 31, 2019

MARIA WONG from HKWalls shares her view of the importance of play in life how people influence and inspire each other by experiencing together.