Past Tokyo Event: VOL 163

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VOL 163

March 26, 2019
@ The CORE Kitchen/Space

We're thrilled to invite you to join us on Tuesday, March 26th for PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 163, at an exciting new venue, The CORE Kitchen/Space in Shintoranomon! It's a beautiful ground-floor open space that will accommodate all of our old PechaKucha Family and make room for more. The CORE's big open windows may have some spilling out into a beautiful early spring evening in a fun, bustling corner of Tokyo that deserves more exploring! We're super excited and we know you'll love it!

As usual, we're planning a stellar line-up of some amazing presenters who will share with us their creative passion on this new stage at the CORE!!! Join us in spotlighting our city’s creative class at PechaKucha Night Tokyo, Vol. 163!
Doors tentatively open at 19:00 (7pm), presentations begin 20:20! (8:20pm). Watch this space for updates. Entrance is ¥1000 -- no need to pre-order -- just come down on the night of!
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Mask to Unmask!

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Saša Aleksandar is not a designer, nor a cook, yet he loves to design and eat. He works across multiple disciplines including textile design, illustration and graphic design. He established Saša Design in Tokyo where he lived from 2004 to 2010 and this is where he started creating his wondrous paper masks.

Saša Aleksandarはデザイナーでも、料理人でもありませんが、デザインと食をこよなく愛しています。テキスタイルデザイン、イラスト、グラフィックデザインなどの多岐に渡る分野に関わる中で、Saša Designを東京に設立。2004〜2010年の間東京に住んでおり、独創的な紙のお面の制作を始めました。


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How to Build (And Sometimes Destroy) A Floating City

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Joe McReynolds talks about Ephemerisle: a free, leaderless event where hundreds of people come together to build a temporary floating city every summer. Nobody's died yet!


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Journey of Joy

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Katy Cole explains her journey from California to Japan, opening a restaurant with a focus around small Japanese producers, and the community that’s been created within that space.

Katy Coleは、カリフォルニアから、小さな農園やそのコミュニティーにフォーカスしたレストランを日本でオープンするまでの彼女の歩みを紹介します。

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Product Design Inspired by Nature

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Kenji Abe, a product designer based in Tokyo, will present some of the beautiful designs coming out of his studio. They are all inspired by nature in some way.

It is not only shape, but also structure, ecosystem, and way of life.



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Voice of the Stone

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

MATHRAX is an art unit consisting of artists, Shozo Kuze and Mariko Sakamotowho create artwork using electricity, light, sound and natural objects such as wood and stone to find a new relationships between people and the world. They’ll be sharing their method for hearing the inner voice of stone.


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Tokyo Colour Darkroom Workshops

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Photographer & visual artist Nico Perez talks about his passion for traditional analogue colour photographic printing & introduces his self made darkroom space where he now offers workshops & printing services.

フォトグラファーとビジュアルアーティストであるNico Perezは、伝統的なアナログカラー写真プリントへの情熱と、現在、ワークショップやプリントサービスを行っている自作の暗室についてプレゼンテーションを行います​。

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Furnishing Creativity

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Designer RJ Mundt explains how a childhood filled with DIY and building, and a career in graphic design would ignite a passion for furniture building. RJ explains his design process, inspiration and the experimentation that go into his work.

デザイナーのRJ MundtがDIYに満ちた子供時代がどのように家具づくりの愛情へと成長したかについて語ります。

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Color Your Life Beautiful

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Yumiko Wakatsuki is an artist who takes a free-form style of SAORI weaving that follows one's emotions rather than planning. She consults to identify colors that compliment clients' skin, eyes, and hair, recommending these true colors in their weaving.


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Innovation of Shintora-Street

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Tomoko Nakagawa, Community manager of THE CORE KITCHEN / SPACE, located on Shintora Dori, a new iconic street in Tokyo, will give a presentation on the future vision of the Shintora area, which is changing day by day.

東京の新たなシンボルストリートの新虎通りに位置するTHE CORE KITCHEN/SPACEのコミュニティーマネージャーの中川知子は、日々変化を続ける新虎エリアの今後のビジョンについて、プレゼンテーションを行います。

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The Power of Community Mural Arts in East Los Angeles

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Researcher Atsuko Niitsu will share a presentation on the power of community mural artworks, spotlighting her findings through photos of Chicano murals which play site-specific historical roles in East Los Angeles.


RJ Mundt
Designer in Tokyo
Aleksandar Skoric
Artists, designer, workshopist in Tokyo
Katy Cole
Chef in Tokyo
Yumiko Wakatsuki
Weaving Artist and Color Consultant, Color Studio & Gallery Canty in Tokyo
Mariko Sakamoto
Artist, MATHRAX LLC. in Tokyo
Kenji Abe
Product Designer in Tokyo
Tomoko Nakagawa
Community Manager, THE CORE KITCHEN/SPACE in Tokyo
Astuko Niitsu
Mural Art Researcher in Tokyo
Nico Perez
Photographer & Visual Artist, Freelance in Tokyo