Past Tokyo Event: VOL 154

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VOL 154

January 31, 2018
@ SuperDeluxe

Kick off your new year in a creative way at PechaKucha Night Tokyo - Vol. 154 - taking place on WEDNESDAY, January 31 at SuperDeluxe. 

Doors open at 19:00 (7pm), presentations begin 20:20 sharp! (8:20pm) Entrance is ¥1000 -- no need to pre-order -- just come down on the night!

The lineup of presenters will be updated over the coming weeks, and make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, or our Tokyo blog for all the news, and more info on the presenters.


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Color of Night

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

Photographer Andrew Curry talks about his ongoing personal photography project, Fade to Night. This project explores how the city of Tokyo undergoes a beautiful metamorphosis of color and light as it fades from day into night.  

写真家のAndrew Curryは、「Fade to Night」という東京の街並みが昼から夜へと移り変わる美しさを捉えたプロジェクトについて話してくれます。


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Reinventing Myself in Visual Storytelling and Collaborative Work

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

We often hear about passion being the driver of those immerse in the world of the creative industry. Illustrator and comic artist Julia Nascimento will like to give us a different take on the life of creatives by sharing with us her own personal journey, on how she loves working with others and how she never gives up.

クリエイティブな仕事に携わっている人にとって、情熱や思いはものづくりの原動力です。イラストレータ 兼 漫画家のJulia Nascimentoは、自身の作品作りの中で出会ったかけがえのない人たちや、どのようにして諦めずに最後まで粘り強く続けてきたかなど、作品だけにとどまらないパーソナルな内容についても紹介してくれます。


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Creative Illumination

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

高知県、五位山緑地公園で年月と共に住民に忘れ去られ、ひっそりと山の斜面に佇んでいたローラースライダー。そこにイルミネーションを施し再び子供たちの笑い声があふれる場所に戻したアートプロジェクトについて島田 正道さんに語っていただきます。

At Goryosan greens park of Kochi Prefecture, a sinewy roller slider lays quietly on the slope of the mountain, long forgotten by the surrounding residents living in the vicinity. Under the guise of an art project, Shimada Masamichi introduced to the roller slide, a creative display of illumination, giving it a new leash of life and filling ithe region once again with children's laughter.


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The Magic of Origami

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

折紙好きな小学6年生の登場!折紙はハサミで切ったりしなくても、1枚で複雑な形を折ることができます。その不思議な魅力と、折紙を通じて体験したことを中村 日向さんに教えてもらいます。

The magic in ‘Origami’, the Japanese art of paper folding is that in the absence of scissors and cutting, complicated shapes can be created using a single piece of paper. This Wednesday, PechaKucha Tokyo will be building upon that magic through the perspective of origami child prodigy, Nakamura Hinata!


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Design Crafts

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

Journeying through the profession of design, Giovanni Innella meets and collaborates with craftsmen and makers. Every project is not only an effort to create something together with them, but a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about his or her craft, about who he or she is.

Giovanni Innellaはデザイナーとしての職人や製造者の方とのかかわりの中で、ただ何かを一緒につくるというだけの関係に止まらず、彼らの技術について真摯に学び、彼ら自身の人生についても向き合ってきた体験について語ってくれます。


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Fireworks as an Art Form

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

「花火」と聞くと「夏」とイメージする人が多いと思いのではないでしょうか?日本では春夏冬、花火が見れます。300年以上伝承されている技と最先端の技術で、日本の花火は世界に誇れる芸術作品とも呼べるでしょう。日本の花火の美しさについて金武 武さんに話していただきます。

Fireworks bring up the imagery of summer. However, in Japan, fireworks can be seen throughout the year across the seasons. With skills dating beyond 300 years, passed down from generations to generations, in combination with state-of-the-art technology, Japanese fireworks are noteworthy artworks unrivaled in the world. Come this PechaKucha night, Kanetake Takeshi will proudly share with us this fantastical part of Japanese culture.


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Articulated Art

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

The Designer Toy or “Art Toy” represents an intense love for the materiality of the object itself. Frequent Presenter Don "datadub" Kratzer proposes to lure us into the Designer Toy movement by taking us to where it all started, a time that saw the birth of action figures; “dolls for boys”.   

PechaKuchaでおなじみDon Kratzerのおもちゃへの深い愛は、素材そのものにも及びます。その他にも「男の子も遊べる人形」として世に現れたアクションフィギュアのムーブメントなど、おもちゃの深い世界を教えてくれます。


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Infinite Forms, Infinite Possibilities

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

『装い』の新しいかたちを提案する黒津 小百合さん。輪になったドレス!?装いとはあなた次第。答えは無限です。

Fashion artist Sayuri Kurotsu believes that the contemporary "dress" does not have to be limited to any one form. Thus this Wednesday, she will be showcasing dresses that will allow anyone and everyone to choose and decide for themselves the forms they prefer.


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The Omo Project , A Magnificent of Asian Aesthetic

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

Fani Atmanti is currently investigating structural concepts and exploring the adaptive reuse of a traditional wooden house in Bawomataluo village, Nias Island Indonesia. Her other creative pursuit involves a collaboration with a local carpenter and Singaporean designer Karyn Lim to create a bag she has named “OMO” which dons v-pattern cuts in its outer wooden skin, allowing it to transform from a flat surface into a three-dimensional volume.

Fani Atmantiは、インドネシア、二アス島Bawomataluo村の伝統的な木製家屋の、最適な再利用方法と、ストラクチャーコンセプトのリサーチをしています。また、彼女のクリエイティビティへの探究心は、地元の職人とのコラボレーションや、シンガポールデザインナーKaryn Limとの、木の皮をv-パターンにカットした素材を利用した、2Dから3Dへ変形可能な“OMO”というバックの共同制作にまで及んでいます。


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Designing Everyday Objects

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

プロダクトデザイナーの狩野 佑真さんは、「後ろ向きで未来へ歩く」をテーマに、日常への視点や過去の作品から最新作まで紹介してくれます。

With his back to the past and a steadfast pace moving towards the future, product designer Yuma Kano will be showcasing past and present works centered around the notion of the everyday.


Don Kratzer
Guerrilla Semiotician, Fig-lab || 国際フィギュア研究所 in Tokyo
Fani Atmanti
graduate student in Tsukuba
Masamichi Shimada
Light artist in Tokyo
Kodomo Nakamura
Photographer in Tokyo
Yuma Kano
Product Designer, studio yumakano in Kawasaki
Takeshi Kanetake
Fireworks Photographer, 金武写真事務所 in Yokohama
Sayuri Kurotsu
popupdress ambassador, Sale | PR, Artist, 株式会社エチュードゥマン in Tokyo
Andrew Curry
Photographer in Tokyo
Giovanni innella
Designer and Assistant Professor in Design, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo
Julia Nascimento
Illustrator & comic artist in Tokyo