"You hear about something new, then it kinda creeps up on you, then BAM! It's here and it's as if it's always been here." 

In The Push 3.0 Revolution, from Tokyo Vol. 124, digital signage pioneer in Japan, Neil Van Wouw lays out the next stage in its development - the Push 3.0 revolution. Here, he shares the how the sending and receiving of digital content quickly, easily, and cheaply, over internet through digital signage will become ever more ubiquitous in our lives. 

Check it out!

“I’m going to tell you about the latest in wearable technology — this is a mobile purikura photo booth.”

LED maniac and all-around tech fanatic Joseph Tame is always the brightest personality in the room — both literally and figuratively. In “Purikura and Light Trails” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 120, he shows off a few of the new gadgets he’s whipped up with the help of arduino, light sensors, and open-source cameras developed by MIT.

Hermit crabs are picky when it comes to their shells, but what happens if you give them a palace to wear?

Artist Aki Inomata speaks about her work designing and printing shells for hermit crabs that are based on real-life locations. In "If You Give a Crab a Castle" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 120 she tells us how she wonders about the nature of a living space that is not tied to a specific locale, but one that is tied to ones self.

At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 121 (Wednesday, January 28), Trent McBride and Tao Romera Martinez will introduce us to a service they developed (Tadaku) to help people experience real homecooking. We'll also get to see the work of artist Sato Sugamoto, who is also a specialist at making costumes.

来週ペチャクチャナイト Vol. 121 (1/28 (水))に Trent McBrideTao Romera MartinezTadakuで行われている本物のホームクッキングサービスについてご紹介いただきます。またアーティスト Sato Sugamoto の仕事についてもご紹介いただきます。コスチューム衣装を作るスペシャリストです。


“We used genetic algorithms to iterate through thousands of designs to find which one worked the best — it’s really an analogy to evolution.”

Technology Futurist at Autodesk Jordan Brandt speaks on the tools designers use to get their ideas out into the world. In “Tools for Design” from a special Tokyo Designers Week 2014 edition of PKN Tokyo Vol. 118 Jordan speaks about the power of the cloud, iterative design processes, synthetic biology and building machines and experiences for tomorrow.

Is man supposed to fly? Whatever the answer, it's never stopped us trying, and you'll get to see how "birdman" Shota Tanaka -- a representative of Meister, a human-powered aircraft club at Tokyo Kogyo University -- tackles this at Wednesday's Tokyo Designers Week event.

人間って飛べるの? どんな回答がきても私たちは飛ぶために頑張り続けます。"バードマン" Shota TanakaMeisterの代表であり, 東京工業大学 人力飛行機部員。今週水曜の東京デザイナーズウィークイベントにタックルします。

We'll be delving into the future at next week's Tokyo Designers Week event (on Wednesday, October 29) courtesy of technology futurist Jordan Brandt, who occupies that very job title at Autodesk.

来週の東京デザイナーズウィークイベント(10月29日 水曜日)にて私たちは未来について探求していきます。未来派芸術家Jordan BrandtのテクノロジーはAutodeskにて使用されています。

If you've ever had thoughts of wearing a mech suit, then you would want to miss the presentation by Reyes Tatsuru Shiroku at next week's Tokyo Designers Week event (on Wednesday, October 29). CEO of Skeletonics, he'll reveal exactly how he's been pushing the boundaries of man and machine.

もしメカスーツを着たいと思うなら、来週の東京デザイナーズウィークイベント(10月29日 水曜日)のReyes Tatsuru Shirokuプレゼンテーションは見逃せません!スケルトニクスのCEOでもある彼は人間とロボットの境界を超えていることを見せていきます。


Bet you've never seen a better visualisation of the earth's weather than this:

After happening upon a website that displayed the United States' wind patterns visually one day, Cameron Beccario set out to do something even grander. In "Keeping Up with the Wind" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 116, months of research and tinkering later, and after finding numerous sources of up-to-date weather data, he had created Earth: an animated map of global wind and weather. 

At tomorrow's PechaKucha Night Vol. 116, software engineer Cameron Beccario will join us to talk about some fascinating weather visualization software he has developed.

水曜日のペチャクチャナイトVol.116にてソフトウェアエンジニアのCameron Beccarioが開発した興味深い天気の視覚化ソフトウェアについて語ります。