What kind of message can we send from Tokyo during the 2020 olympics?

Andrew Taylor talks about how the architectural design of a olympic stadium can create social changes in a community. In “The Olympic Effect” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 122 we see that this idea of urban regeneration can create a better environment for locals after the Olympics are over. Andrew’s firm, MAKE Architects, put this idea into practice during the 2012 London Olympics.

At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 122 (Friday, February 20 at SuperDeluxe), we'll be introduced to the wonderful world of bonsai by designer Takehiro Shiozu. We'll also be joined by architect Takuto Sando (Tsubame Architects), who will give us a tour of his firm's recent projects.

来週のペチャクチャナイト Vol. 122 (2月20日金曜日@SuperDeluxe)に盆栽デザイナー 塩津丈洋をご招待。また建築家Takuto Sando (ツバメアーキテクツ)をご招待。最近のプロジェクトツアーに連れて行ってくれます!

At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 122 (Friday, February 20 at SuperDeluxe) we'll be joined by Luis Mendo, who will introduce the special "Tokyo" issue of architectural magazine MAS CONTEXT he curated. We'll also be joined by Andrew Taylor of Make Architects, who will be bringing forth ideas for Tokyo 2020.

来週のペチャクチャナイト Vol. 122 (2月20日金曜日@SuperDeluxe) に "東京" 版 建築マガジンMAS CONTEXT の監督Luis Mendoを特別にご招待。また MakeアーキテクツのAndrew Taylorが東京2020のためのアイディアを引き出してくれます。

“This is one of the most iconic ski-jumping structures constructed.”

PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham takes us on a tour of some of the most outstanding ski jumps found around the world. In “Ski Jumps of the World" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 120, he highlights the historical aspects of the sport of ski jumping -- and being the Englishman that he is, giving props to the one and only Eddie the Eagle.

“It’s like living in a cute, compact, clay cocoon.”

Izumi Saito talks about Mayuhouse, a compact prefabricated hut made of clay that was designed by her father. In “Mayuhouse” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 119, we see that the living space is fully covered with a clay wall that breathes and wraps around you softly like a cocoon (MAYU), creating a healthy comfortable environment.

Joining us for next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 119 (on Wednesday, November 26) is Izumi Saitoh, who will talk about “Mayu House," a project designed and built by her father in Minami-Aizu, Fukushima.

来週のペチャクチャナイトVol. 119(11月26日(水))にIzumi Saitohが“まゆハウス" について、また彼女のお父様が建てられた福島 南阿豆のプロジェクトについて話していただきます。

Martin van der Linden

Martin van der Linden (van der Architects) is an old friend of PechaKucha, and at next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 119 (on Wednesday, November 26) he'll be joining us to share some of his latest projects.

Martin van der Linden (van der Architects) はペチャクチャの古き良き友達。来週のペチャクチャナイトVol. 119 (11月26日(水)) で彼の最近のプロジェクトをシェアしていただきます。

“I think pavilions are an instrument for architecture and diplomacy.”

André Corrêa do Lago is the Brazilian Ambassador to Japan, as well as a curator and critic of architecture. In “Architecture Celebrated at the Embassy of Brazil” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 118 Ambassador Lago's covers Brazil's amazing diplomatic links to architecture, with a final focus on the World Cup 2014 installation that was produced at the Brazil Embassy in Tokyo by esteemed Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.

The Brazilian Ambassador to Japan, André Corrêa do Lago, will join our Tokyo Designers Week event this Wednesday. An architecture critic and curator, he will be talking about Shigeru Ban's famed World Cup Pavillion that was built at the Tokyo Embassy.

日本ブラシリアン大使の André Corrêa do Lago が水曜日の東京デザイナーズウィークイベントに参加されます。 建築評論家かつキュレーターである彼はワールドカップパビリオンで有名なShigeru Banが手掛けた東京大使館プロジェクトについて語ります。


Presenting at next week's Tokyo Designers Week event (on Wednesday, October 29) is an architect who's work we greatly admire. Makoto Tanijiri, of Suppose Design Office, will take everyone on a tour of his memorable projects.

来る来週の東京デザイナーズウィークイベント(10月29日 水曜日)に私たちがとても称賛している建築家がプレゼンテーションします。 サポーズデザインオフィスMakoto Tanijiriが素晴らしいプロジェクトツアーに連れて行ってくれます。