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Not yet scheduled!

We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!


Featured Presentation

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Yuka Okada

Representative and Director, INHEELS in Tokyo

Almost Perfect Story


Almost by chance and after several life turns, Luis and Yuka founded an artist residence in Tokyo where international creatives can experience Japan and show their work. Together, they share their inspiring story, and they space that they’ve created, which is Almost Perfect.

LuisとYukaは、数々の偶然と紆余曲折を経て、東京にアーティストのための住処をオープンした。ここでは様々な国籍のクリエイターたちが集まり、作品を紹介したり、日本らしさを体験できたりする。今回は、彼らのこれまで歩んできた道と、彼らが作り上げた”Almost Perfect”な空間について、話してもらう。

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plug-in 4 modern nomads

@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Architect, Founder Studio Plug-in 4 Rehab, Aida Atelier Tokyo, Ilgin Ezgi Tunc will be presenting “plug-in architecture” for modern nomads, proposing new ways of renovating abandoned or absolute structures that better serve increasing accommodation demands in city centers. Her recent project, Unplan Shinjuku Hostel, with its plugged micro sleepingunits, is bound to capture your imagination at this PechaKucha Night.

建築家のIlgin Ezgi Tuncが今回紹介してくれるのは「プラグイン建築」。現代のノマドたちのために、そして都市部の住居の需要増加に応えるべく、手つかずのスペースを住居に変えてしまう。Unplan Shinjuku Hostelは彼女が最近手がけているプロジェクト。この小さな寝室ユニットをみれば、あなたもきっとその世界の虜になってしまうこと間違いなし。詳細はPechaKucha Nightにてお話ししていただきます。

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Concepts for the Future of Regional Transport

@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Transportation & industrial designer, Matthias Fischer gives an insight into his railway projects.

工業・鉄道デザイナーのMatthias Fischerは彼の鉄道プロジェクトを中心にプレゼンテーションを行います。


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Tokkofuku - Combat Uniforms in Japan

@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Japan Times staff writer Tomohiro Osaki plunges into the world of "tokkofuku" combat uniforms, pursuing the history of the much-maligned attire that authorities have long demonized as a ticket to juvenile delinquency.



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@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Artist Shiori Ono creates and studies the idea that “clothes as textiles made of one thread.” We're delighted to see and hear her present her worked on the PechaKucha stage!  



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Artificial Intelligence and Art

@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Data Scientist, Hongxu Zhang explores and experiments how artificial intelligence in technology can shape and transform art.

Hongxu Zhangはデータサイエンティスト。人工知能、AIなどの技術革新によってアートはどのように変革していくのかを、じっくり解説してもらう。

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@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Artist Vasco Mourão unveils an ongoing series of artworks on paper that derive from personal recollections of Tokyo’s urbanscape. Drawing in a stream of consciousness with memories flowing and intermingling, he strives to knit together fragments of the urban skin and details from selected locations around the city. In doing so, each drawing can be traced back to a unique place in Tokyo and how he remember/draws its features.

Vasco Mourãoは東京の街並みの1ページから新たなアートを生み出す魔術師。記憶をたどりながら東京の多種多様な街並みを再構築して作り上げた作品一つ一つに、彼の東京への想いがぎゅっとつまっている。作品を紐解けば、彼の東京の街並みの見方が垣間見えるかもしれない。

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The Most Challenging Pingpong Table

@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Together, Senior Creative Director at TBWA\HAKUHODO, Masaya Asai, and Tateishi Iota-yoji of the Japan Para Table Association will present an imaginatively designed vision for the future of Para Table Tennis.



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From the Architecture to Public Baths

@ VOL 164 ON MAY 28, 2019

Honami Enya is an illustrator from Koenji, Tokyo who also works at a sento, a Japanese-style bath. Although she was originally working at an architectural firm, she decided to make a major life change to where she is now, working at the sento and working on illustration. Honami will share about what is so appealing to her about sentos and why she decided to work at one.





PechaKucha PowWow 2018!

This week is very special for
PKN Tokyo as we are hosting our 4th annual PechaKucha PowWow! We will be holding a special PechaKucha Night event highlighting fellow PK organizers from every corner of the world - from Bangkok to Townsville! Keep an eye out for these creative presentations following PowWow for a worldwide tour - PechaKucha style. 

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About the City's Organizers

  • Mark Dytham

    Little did we know that a one-off event in Tokyo, based on a simple format we came up with to stop architects from talking too much, would grow into a truly global celebration of creativity - if we did we may have named the event something a little easier to pronounce and spell!

  • Astrid Klein

    Astrid Klein was born in Italy to German parents, schooled in France, educated in Britain, and since 1988 has lived and worked in Japan. She is, therefore, thoroughly international, right down to her bones. Traversing disciplinary and cultural boundaries has been a way of life for Astrid. An artistic family background has ballasted her sense of identity, while the compass of design has guided her professional career. A Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in London exposed her to the diversity of creative endeavor and developed her talent. A thirst for the exotic led her to Japan, a hunger for the new kept her there. After working for Toyo Ito in Tokyo, she and her partner Mark Dytham established KDa in 1991. The work of KDa has been the subject of numerous publications and an exhibition of their work was held at the Architecture Association in London in 2005. Astrid is a frequent guest at international conferences on design and architecture and has lectured or held teaching positions at universities in Japan, the UK, the USA, Australia and throughout Europe.

  • Brian Scott Peterson

    Brian Scott Peterson is one of those jack-of-all trades kind of characters who re-invents his entire world every few years. He's worn a load of different hats, from writer and photographer, to musician, to entrepreneur, to NPO founder. He's happily funnelling his imagination into PechaKucha at HQ in Tokyo. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, he's travelled the world extensively. Since 2004, Brian, with his wife and two children, call Tokyo home.

  • Cristina Marie Deane

    Born and Raised in San Diego, CA, I grew fond of Japan over the years and decided that someday, I'd live and work in Tokyo. I've been here since 2016 and will continue to work hard in whatever I do. Temple University Japan Campus Graduate in Liberal Arts, Asian Studies (2017)