Israeli designer of the Rafsoda Project, artistic director of Jerusalem Design Week, AND organizer of PechaKucha Tel Aviv, Anat Safran captures the PechaKucha People Spotlight this week for just hosting what might be the biggest PechaKucha Night EVER! 10,000 in attendance at Tel Aviv's Vol. 19 at Heichal Ha Tarbut TLV!

With a total of over 8000 attendees, Tel Aviv City Organizer Anat Safran hosts the largest PechaKucha Night in the world.

In “Showing ‘em How It’s Done in Tel Aviv” from a very special Pow Wow 2015 edition of PKN Tokyo Vol. 123, Anat explores several projects overflowing with culture and creativity, including those that involve junk art, urban architecture, and musical performances.

Here's a great event report from PKN Tel Aviv organizer Anat Safran on the city's latest event, its PechaKucha Night Vol. 17:

We had another successful PKN here in Tel Aviv! It was vol. 17, and once again we were sold out with 8000 people! Yes, it's crazy. We did 4 rounds over two nights. This stretches the "15 minutes of fame" for our presenters, makes them superstars for two nights.
We had some great presentations: a typographer who invented a font that combines Arabic and Hebrew in the same letter, a great experimental graphic work and a beautiful metaphor of an optimistic future. An artist who is making live animation with low tech means - paper cuts, lights and small camera. A graphic designer with interesting insights about the two biggest daily newspapers in Israel. A couple living in a circus van that uses circus as way of social activism and change by having fun. A comedian who stands on his head in various spots in the world. An artist who's building wooden dolls of all her family members and a model of her childhood house to tell the story of a family tragedy. An amazing vocal artist with a divine voice. A special guest from Berlin who's building crazy smart and useless machines. An illustrator and animator with psychedelic creations that makes you feel like you're on LSD...
We got so many great reactions that made us so proud and happy to be a part of the PechaKucha experience once again.

The biggest PechaKucha Nights are always held in Tel Aviv, where each volume attracts an audience of 4000 -- done over 2 events in one evening -- but the city's latest edition trumped that number. Since the events always sell out within minutes of tickets going on sale, for Vol. 16 they decided to still do 2 sessions in one evening, but to then double that over 2 nights. Result? PechaKucha Night Vol. 16 in Tel Aviv attracted a whopping 8000 over its 4 sessions! Here's organizer Anat Safran with more on the event:

We've been having a "double-pecha" night for quite a while now, with two shows on the same night and 2000 people at each presentation. Yet, tickets were sold out in minutes and many people weren't able to come. So this time we made a "double-double pecha" with two shows per night and two nights in a row. This is a total of 8000 people! We opened our tickets sales and our site crashed immediately. Once it was recovered, tickets sales went on just great, and for the first time ever there were tickets available for 5 days! Until they sold out 2 days before the event... It was quite an adventure putting on the same event four times, the presenters were just great, and the public got a unique experience each time.

We had some amazing stuff going on stage: A designer who works with smells, a photographer who told the story of a special woman through photo albums she has found at the flee market, a couple of cinema directors who recorded kids interpretation to modern art pieces on audio guides at the museum, a group who has invented a new kind of performance style mixing live cinema, theater, and puppetry, a graphic designer who created the branding for an imaginary Israel in Africa, a performance group who investigate the art of kissing. They invited the couples in the public to stand up and kiss in the middle of their presentation and it was amazing! A choreographer who created a special piece where dancers would act on stage according to public choices made live by voting. A photographer and journalist who told the incredible story of sesamy, a hungarian artist who took a hilarious series of photos of grannies in Tel Aviv, and a magnificent singers band, a trio of girls, inspired by the harmonic music of the 30s.

Boy, it was quit a night, and another night...

See all of the photos from the event in this Facebook gallery.

Sometimes, while gleaning the fields that are our daily lives, we come across truly astounding things. With over 4000 people gathered for two sessions in the same night, these photos from Tel Aviv's Vol. 14 (held this past December) cause our collective jaws to drop.

Check out PKN Tel Aviv's Vol. 14 event page for more fantastic shots.

To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map

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The Salaryman Project Presentations In October 2006, as he was taking photos of nature in the forest near Kawaguchiko, a salaryman with a suitcase appeared on the track. Ever since that day, Bruno Quinquet has tried to investigate the mysteries of office work in Japan through photography. He has exhibited this series -- which is the topic of his presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 92) -- in Japan and abroad. Last month, he launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the production of the "Salaryman Project Business Schedule 2013." These are not the cakes you are used to seeing. In this first presentation (in Italian) from PKN Pisa Vol. 1, Alessandra Pacini -- a cake designer -- shares some of the amazing cakes she's produced over the years. Cake design is an interesting form of art, in which anyone can make a professional-looking cake, with no limits to imagination -- although using only edible materials is key. PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11 Posters We have quite a few new posters up on the Tumblr blog today, including two from Kosice (for last week's Vol. 18, and the upcoming Vol. 19), a well as for PKN Okayama Vol. 14, PKN Orlando Vol. 6, and PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11 (above), which continues that city's elemental theme for the year (first was fire).  And speaking of Portsmouth, here's a great video that was produced after the city's Vol. 10, that acts as a peek at that event, as well as a teaser for the upcoming Vol. 11: PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 13 Photos and report What does a crowd of 4000 look like? It looks like what you see pictured above, from last week's PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 13 -- and there are more photos to see in this Flickr photoset. Also, we have the following report from PKN Tel Aviv organizer Anat Safran:

We had another great PKN here at Tel Aviv, with 4000 people in the house. As usual the demand for tickets was huge and we were sold out in minutes... Me and my partner Itay were happy to host 9 presenters, all great and crazy, just the way we love them. We started the evening with a presentation by Liat Segal, who is running a studio for art and technology. Her projects are always fun and beautiful and involve music, paint and robots. Than came on stage Ofer Grunewald who is a young Bonsai artist. He shared his passion and explained the satisfaction of sculpting with a living material as trees. Mushon Zer Aviv (designer) and his wife Galia Ofri (painter) talked about their first common project that aims to illustrate wikipedia. With great drawings for esoteric articles and some very interesting questions about sharing knowledge -- these were a fascinating 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Artist and representative of the slow food movement in Israel, Rafram Hadad took us on a lovely journey in his different fields of creation, mixing visual arts and food in all middle eastern countries. A whole different experience was the one offered by brain researcher Moran Cerf, who is working in a very special lab in L.A. where experiments are made on live human brains. He can map the brain and than "read" one's thoughts or even allow handicapped people to control a robotic arm with their thoughts. Than came Ohad Zlotnik, a graduate student in visual arts, who presented his very smart project of 3D typography, with Hebrew letters that became real objects. Daniel Dover is a street artist who told us his short and so funny history trying to fit in the world of design, and what has finally brought him to do his street art interventions.  Oded Ezer is a well known typographer who has presented his work in the first Tel Aviv PKN back on 2007. We were happy to invite him once again and discover his super intelligent projects. Oded told us about a typographic tattoo project, a graphic flag project, a social Skype-typo project, and more. The last show of the evening was by director Yair Kedar, who presented his current project, a documentary about Yona Wollach, one of Israel's most well known poet. His presentation ended with a live song by local singer Karolina whose big warm voice filled all our hearts with joy and emotions, with anticipation for our next PKN.

Calendar Tonight (June 4) you'll want to catch PKN Stockholm Vol. 34, which we hear is going to be quite the event. Tomorrow, PKNs are happening in the following cities: PKN Louisville Vol. 8, PKN Chicago Vol. 22, and PKN Sydney Vol. 21. Please note that the PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 that was scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed.

PKN Curitiba Vol. 1 Presentations We kick off a new week of presentations with one from Curitiba (Vol. 1) and one from Cork (Vol. 3). In "Underground Food" (in Portuguese), Guilherme Caldas takes us on a tour Curitiba's lesser known culinary highlights. If you've been feeling like you need to get a bit more excitement in your day, try following Niall Doherty and his "Random Acts of Courage." PKN Mendoza Vol. 4 Posters We've got a few new posters on our Tumblr blog, including the ones for PKN Mendoza Vol. 4 (above), PKN London Vol. 6, and PKN Dnipropetrovsk Vol. 1, which debuts tomorrow. Videos Instead of sharing photos today, and since there seems to be an absolute boom in these, today we share a few teaser videos that have been produced for PKNs -- we love them so much that we often play some at our PKNs here in Tokyo. Below, teaser videos for PKN Curitiba Vol. 2, PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 13, and PKN Lisbon Vol. 14. httpv:// httpv:// Links

Calendar Tonight (Monday, May 21) you have your choice of the very first PechaKucha Night in the city of Muscat, Oman, or another blockbuster PKN (Vol. 13) in Tel Aviv. Tomorrow (May 22), Montreal will be hosting its Vol. 22, and Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine -- how's that for a mouthful -- will have its first PKN. 

httpv:// PechaKucha Night in Tel Aviv Vol. 12 happens tonight (November 8), with another sold-out audience of 4000! Here's a look at a cool video teaser they prepared for the event.

We'll have a proper report on the event up on the blog this week, but in the meantime, here's a piece from the Jerusalem Post on the amazing PechaKucha Night that was held earlier this month in Tel Aviv (Vol. 11), which attracted an audience of 4000.